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Biennale College Teatro - Masterclass - noi wish

We will try to look beyond the ideas of dance, movement, theatre, performance. Our research will concentrate on the individual, the body and its movement. The study of the relationship between our selves, the others and the space around us is a theme that seems to have been exploited to the point of becoming an almost trite and rhetorical issue. However, the events in our daily lives demonstrate on the contrary that this research remains vibrant. The practices of theatre and choreography, used for educational, performing and symbolic purposes but especially in reality can help to explore this issue and to study its physical and anthropological laws and their relative contradictions in contemporary life. The body, in its dynamics of encounter and confrontation. The possibility of coming and going through the real and unreal places that we live and coexist in. Individuals acting and choosing actions, dance, movement and perhaps identity in a constant and infinite play of choices, searching for a place within a presumed community.

“Men and women walk, choose one place and then another. Sometimes they meet, sometimes they clash. Actions, gestures, walking, running. Simple “movement”. Like a ceremony, in a sequence of fragments of images, atmospheres, shards of individual and perhaps collective living. A community, no matter which, where everyone pursues his own desire, I wish, we (noi) wish. The masterclass starts here”.

Sala d’Armi A

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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Biennale Teatro
Biennale Teatro