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Biennale College Teatro –ness - On a solitary beach

Year / Length:2021, 45' (world premiere)
Authors and art directors:-ness (Rooy Charlie Lana & Giulia Zulian)
Performers:Rooy Charlie Lana, Giulia Zulian, Eleonora Bomben, Alessia De Francesco
Sound and DJ:Gigo8931
Costumes:Zentai Designer: groppo2020 Marc Benozzo, MARANTICO di Filippo Soffiati e Adriana Suriano, siamoironiche, Verissima Fonderia Anonima, Contessa Miseria Archivio, Giorgia Andreazza, REAMEREI
Production:La Biennale di Venezia
Thanks to:Lorenzo Parretti Responsabile Capitan Bragadin / Il Vaporetto dell'Immaginario
Winner of the call:Biennale College Teatro - Performance Site Specific 2021


On a Solitary Beach is a Transghost process.
Transghost and Venice share a common synergy of meanings and signifiers that can be materially repositioned between body and social space. Transghost behaves like a tourist in Venice and lives in two of its archetypical places: a gondola and La Biennale di Venezia. This means that Transghost enters places forbidden during the pandemic, they move and travel “doing tourism” and occupy museums, theatres and other places of culture.
On a Solitary Beach, subsequently, takes the form of a Transghosts’ Party, an extemporaneous installation that can take on the features of a collective ritual. The theme of the party is Air, in its dimension of breath: breath that is shared, contagious, perverse, breathtaking, deep breathing, breathlessness, shortness of breath, orgasmic breathing, difficulty in catching breath, life breath, breathing a sigh of relief.


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