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Hodworks/Adrienn Hód - Sunday

Year / Length:2019, 80’
Performers and co-creators:Jenna Jalonen, Csaba Molnár, Marin Lemić, Emese Cuhorka, Zoltán Vakulya
Light design:Miklós Mervel
Music:Ábris Gryllus
Costumes and props:Csenge Vass
Dramaturgy:Ármin Szabó-Székely
Choreography:Adrienn Hód
Special thanks to:Lívia Fuchs, Péter Tóvay, László Kürti, PIM-OSZMI (The Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute) – Dance Archive
Co-production:Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
With the support of :EMMI, NKA, OFF Foundation, SÍN Cultural Centre, New Performance Art Foundation Partnership with Workshop Foundation


A tendency has emerged in Hodworks’ recent creations: the field of dance, of physicality, is reached after verbal expression. The themes we touched on during Sunday are self-reflective, about dance and about us. What is the role of dance? How does it affect the outside world? And how does it affect dancers themselves? What does it mean to be a dancer today? How does the work shape one’s personality, and on the other hand, how do personalities shape the work? Opinions on dance. Moral judgements on dance. Is dance dangerous? The legitimacy and comprehension of different cultural norms and value systems. What is immoral and what is not? Today it seems as if we have moved beyond such categorization, or haven’t we… Everything is permitted. But is everything really permitted? What is the future of dance? The performers share these personal and professional issues with the audience, then we build a collective, very dynamic and edgy choreographic structure. A kind of group dance of a contemporary tribe, a communal ritual, a flow of trance for the release of creative energies. The idea behind the musical score of the piece was to create an atmosphere which is sacral, but disturbing and bitter. Clublike, but also relentless towards the dancers and the audience, uplifting, visceral but sublime. Performed live in synergy with the dancing.

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Biennale Teatro
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