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Giacomo Garaffoni - Veronica

Text:Giacomo Garaffoni
Direction :Federica Rosellini
Performers:Serena Dibiase, Nico Guerzoni, Elena Rivoltini, Federica Rosellini, Martina Ruggeri
Sound direction:Nicola Ratti
Assistant Director:Elvira Berarducci
Production:La Biennale di Venezia
In collaboration with:Piccolo Teatro Di Milano – Teatro D’europa
Winner:Biennale College Teatro Authors Under 40 (2021-2022)
Note:Mise en lecture


When one of their number – Veronica – dies, a group of young women becomes a community. Veronica was one of the “Wives”, a group of girlfriends so close they felt they were married. These eleven women decide, simply and yet absurdly, and in spite of their loss, to not become ten. To remain a group of eleven. To remain wives and mothers, even if only to ghosts. VERONICA is a classically strctured tragedy written around an everyday one; it has a strong visual component and a contemporary language that sets it in a place outside time. It seeks to offer a rarefied, dreamlike journey that heralds a new, albeit alien kind of family, built around grief. We witness the tender and limitless intensity of a family identity that cannot be defined, generated by the almost gravitational power of emptiness and absence. While an Orphic shadow appears to observe these Bacchae from the edge of the stage, in the midst of it all is a white sofa with a blue stain, soiled in the shape of a woman’s body. Every attempt to clean it will extend the stain’s reach. It will become both symbol and symptom of an absence that continues to grow, unable to do otherwise.

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