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Armando Punzo - Naturae

Length / Year:100’, 2023
Direction and dramaturgy:Armando Punzo
Original music, sound design:Andreino Salvadori
Set design:Alessandro Marzetti, Armando Punzo
Costumes:Emanuela Dall’Aglio
Movements:Pascale Piscina
General management:Cinzia De Felice
Assistant director:Laura Cleri
Artistic assistant:Alice Toccacieli
Assistant set designer:Yuri Punzo
Production assistant:Luisa Raimondi
Technical direction:Carlo Gattai
Lighting design:Andrea Berselli
Sound engineering:Alessio Lombardi
Head carpenter:Viviana Rella
National Centre for Prison Theatre coordinator:Eva Cherici
Administration:Elina Pellegrini
Education officer:Marzia Lulleri
PR & Finance:Giulia Bigazzi
Press office:PEPITApuntoCOM, Rossella Gibellini, Anna Maria Manera
Photo:Stefano Vaja
With:Armando Punzo, Andrea Salvadori, Ciro Afeltra, Saverio Barbera, Francesco Bellingheri, Daniel Chukwuka, Paul Andrei Cocian, Antonio Iazzetta, Nicola Bella, Cuka Ismet, Lucio Di Iorio, Armando Di Puoti, Hamadi Rezeg, Antonio Lanzano, Nik Kodra, Urim Laci, Li Jin Jie, Tarek Omezzine, Marian Petru Iosif, Alessandro Ventriglia, Giovanni Fontana, Waychey Tony, Marco Mario Gino Eugenio Marzi, Isabella Brogi, Gaetano Spera, Romeo Erdei Bogdan, Fabio Prete, Domenico Prospero, Fabio Valentino, Adrian Saracil, Malaj Cino, Stefano Vezzani, Nezhaj Arion, Paolo Brucci, Francesca Tisano, Elisa Betti, Giulia Guastalegname, Tommaso Vaja, Luca Dal Pozzo
Production:Carte Blanche / Compagnia della Fortezza
With the support of:MiC – Ministero della Cultura, Regione Toscana, Regione Toscana, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra, ACRI – Associazione di Fondazioni e di Casse di Risparmio Spa, Comune di Volterra, Ministero della Giustizia – Casa di Reclusione di Volterra
Main sponsor:Locatelli Saline di Volterra


It is truly a rare opportunity to see the performances of Armando Punzo and his remarkable actor-inmates outside the prison of La Fortezza, where the company was founded in 1988. The director, winner of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, inaugurates the 51st International Theatre Festival with Naturae. The result of a research process that lasted over eight years and is still ongoing, Naturae originates far back, in considerations that began in 2015 on Shakespearean theatre and on the magic surrealism Jorge Luis Borges. The overture (2019) is followed by the four tableaux La vita mancata (2020), La valle dell’innocenza (2020), La valle dell’annientamento (2021), and La valle della permanenza (2022).

As Punzo writes: “over the past eight years, the work of the Compagnia della Fortezza has been guided by the search for the order and beauty of human nature. Independently of any initial intention, there emerged a narrative and vision of man that led us to choose to rewrite Shakespeare’s plays and disavow the superstition by which man repeats himself ad infinitum in always the same way, with no possibility of change. In this long journey of self-education, two figures, He and the Child, have become the protagonists of a new vision that has swept away the untouchable foundations of the western world’s existential philosophy which holds that since the twentieth century it no longer seems possible to conceive of a new man and a new world…  The contact with Borges’ body of work then suggested a higher degree of human intelligence and evolution: his writing never lingered upon copying the existing, it required a considerable conscious effort to let go of the self and leap over the barriers of our own limits and the current culture of fear and death… We realized that human evolution is unremitting, always, and that is what we must nurture. We cannot believe that we have come to the end of history, it is unnatural and does nothing to improve our existence, the relations between people, a different idea of community based on mindful people and the future of our earth. Homo sapiens is only a phase, we must work to achieve homo felix, we must cultivate the search for freedom, love and happiness within ourselves. We must begin dreaming of a new man again and impose him on reality”.

In Venice Naturae will be shaped around the historic space of the sixteenth-century Tese in the Arsenale.

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