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Margarida Waco

Food, Agriculture & Climate Change
5.5706° S, 12.1976° E Sedimentary Myths

  • TUE - SUN
    20/05 > 30/09
    11 AM - 7 PM

    01/10 > 26/11
    10 AM - 6 PM
  • Arsenale
  • Admission with ticket

Margarida Waco (Cabinda, Angola, 1992)
lives in Stockholm, Sweden and works in Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK


5.5706° S, 12.1976° E Sedimentary Myths chronicles a love letter to Cabinda. Nestled at the mouth of the Congo Basin and engulfed by the Atlantic, our soils and waters – two disobedient bodies keeping records of centuries of extractive violence – echo the broken stutters of a disputed territory. A territory home to the peoples and ancestry of Bakongo, to the wonders of Maiombe, and to the black gold – dug and stripped from our underground reservoirs; ascending, circulating, and dissolving in thin air.
Tracing the contours and continuum of a planetary system – thriving, mutating, and sickening upon our soils and waters – Sedimentary Myths yearns toward surfacing intertwining (hi)stories aggregated and written into our repositories in a single gesture, allowing us to project onto a future where we conjoin our voices to chant “Dipanda/Independência.”


Authorial collaborators
Aaiún Nin, André Taylor
Technical collaborators
Elizabeth Cox, Hawa Sanneh, J.B. , Russell E. L. Butler
With special thanks to
Suzana Mukende Filipe, Afonso Justino Waco, Ulrik Montnemery, Kaminsky Arkitektur. The 2022/23 RCA student cohort: Alicja Jaromirska, Hamza Gore, Hayden James, Linda Toven Naganathan, Mak Yuen Ching, Max Cooper-Clark, Tessnim Tolba, Timothy Webster, Elizabeth Cox, Ling Tiffany Lee, Lola Tartakover, Sofia Yanez Perteagudo, Zakiyyah Haffejee
With the additional support of
African Futures Institute

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura