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A Bridge to the Desert

Commissioner: Marcellinus Swartbooi, Senior Art Education Officer of the Directorate of Arts: Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
Curator: Marco Furio Ferrario
Exhibitor: RENN


The Lone Stone Men of the Desert is an art project by RENN comprising a variable number of sculptures resembling stylised human figures, which have been scattered across the world’s most ancient desert since 2014. Each sculpture carries a tag with a number identifying it and a distinctive message suggesting a possible encounter that it is moving towards. Separated from each other by kilometres of desert, posed in astonishing, untainted locations, far from urbanisation, these stone men seem to incite a reflection on the “deserts” that keep the different human cultures apart, and on the need of their encounter to discuss, as a collective, the place of humankind in nature.

Isola della Certosa
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte