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Tales of Muted Spirits-Dispersed Threads-Twisted Shangri-La

Commissioner: Chancellor Kancha Kumar Karmacharya (Nepal Academy of Fine Arts), Sangeeta Thapa (Founder Director Siddhartha Arts Foundation)
Curators: Hit Man Gurung, Sheelasha Raj Bhandari
Exhibitor: Ang Tsherin Sherpa (also known as) Tsherin Sherpa


Ang Tsherin Sherpa collaborates with artists from the Himalayas to both capture and problematise contradictory conceptualisations of the region – often seen through a reductive and fetishised “Shangri-La” gaze. This body of work incorporates accounts encoded in oral cultures, woven languages, and quotidian rituals to implicate an intersectional and intertwined past. Drawing upon materials from a shared Himalayan history – nature spirits, nomadism, polysemic imagery – these compositions explore how such vocabularies have been adopted, muted, reappropriated, digested, and regurgitated, consequently transcending their respective valuations within Bön, Buddhist, Hindu, Western, and capitalist worlds.

Venezia, Castello 994
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte