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North Macedonia (Republic of)

"Landscape experience"

Commissioner: Dita Starova Qerimi, National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia
Curators: Ana Frangovska, Sanja Kojic Mladenov
Exhibitors: Robert Jankuloski, Monika Moteska
Venue: Scuola dei Laneri, Santa Croce 113/A


"Landscape Experience" by Robert Jankuloski and Monika Moteska is a multimedia project that includes video installations, objects, and photographs. The “aesthetics” of abandoned (neglected) landscapes, placed in a new context, with new layers of transcription of the dispositions life-death, beautiful-ugly, vital-toxic are the focus of this project. Through a critical-discursive approach, the authors point out the dangers that lurk if serious systemic steps are not taken to overcome the Anthropocene’s greatest challenges, such as the uncontrolled misuse of the natural resources of planet Earth in the form of mindless (explicit or implicit, real or psychological, physical or chemical) wars, in which we are all victims, and most of all the youngest, the innocent, and the idealists.

Venezia, Santa Croce 113
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte