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Syrian Arab (Republic)

"The Syrians People: a common Destiny"

Commissioner/Curator: Emad Kashout
Exhibitors: Saousan Alzubi, Ismaiel Nasra, Adnan Hamideh, Omran Younis, Aksam Tallaa, Giuseppe Amadio, Marcello Lo Giudice, Lorenzo Puglisi, Hannu Palosuo


Art in this ancient culture has always represented a way of shaping society by fostering love and hope and providing an opportunity for rebirth. The participation of the five contemporary artists from Syria in the Biennale Arte 2022, together with other international artists, reflects the typical characteristics of Syrian art: experience, diverse influences, and many different tools. Each artist possesses a distinctive style, a particular technique, a philosophy, and different points of view and attitudes towards the events that inspired their works in the Pavilion. Despite their different approaches, they are united by their passion, humanity, and profound love for their country, as well as by their common cultural identity and ineluctable common destiny.

Venezia, San Servolo
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte