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"Vampires in Space"

  • TUE - SUN
    10 am - 6 pm
    Open on Mondays 25/04, 30/05, 27/06, 25/07, 15/08, 5/09, 19/09, 31/10, 21/11

Commissioner: Direção-Geral Das Artes
Curators: João Mourão/Luís Silva
Exhibitor: Pedro Neves Marques
Venue: Palazzo Franchetti, San Marco 2847


"Vampires in Space" resorts to expectations on the figure of “vampires” to address issues of gender identity, nonnuclear families, reproduction, and the role of mental health today. It presents a narrative installation, including film, poetry, and exhibition design, about the melancholic reality of a trip to a distant exoplanet – after all, in space it’s always night and, in their immortality, vampires are perfect to deal with the incommensurability of spatial distances. This longevity allows for a science fictional retrospective exercise anchored in Pedro Neves Marques’s own trans, nonbinary experience, as well as a political critique of an history of control over bodies and desire.

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