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Wan Acel | Tuli Bamu | Turibamwe | We Are One

Commissioner: Juliana Naumo Akoryo
Curator: Elizabeth Acaye Kerunen
Exhibitors: Artisan Weavers’ Collective, Sana Gateja, Taga Nuwagaba, Xenson Ssenkaba, Jose Hendo, Odur Ronald
Venue: Bragora Gallery, Castello 3496


Wan Acel invites you to de-classify art through the work of a diverse group of thirty-one intergenerational artists. Working both individually and in a collective, they examine their contexts of art production, interrogating prevailing narratives that serve to construct and maintain hierachies of art creation.
The titles, Wan Acel | Tuli Bamu | Turibamwe, from languages spoken in wider Africa, are representative of the borderless origins of the exhibiting artists.
Through explorations of collective memory, Wan Acel reveals and offers an intimate, multi-sensory kaleidoscope of materiality and artisanship.
We invite you to ask: “How are you?” instead of “Who are you!?, Why are you here!?”
Library of Weaving (LOW), by the Artisan Weavers Collective, consists of patterns of weaving and shapes found in mats and basketry exhibited as an encyclopedic catalogue.
The individual artists of the pavillion are: Sanaa Gateja, Jose Hendo, Taga Nuwagaba, Xenson Ssenkaaba, and Odur Ronald. Their works are composed of recycled paperbeads, barkcloth, bamboo, upcycled wedding gowns, rubber and watercolours. Some of these works form part of a choreographed audience-participatory parade through Venice.
Through Wan Acel, I propose that we say, one to the other, in shared humanity:
Welcome here!
You belong!

Venezia, Castello 3496
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte