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Emre Yeksan
istos film (Anna Maria Aslanoğlu)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Kutay Sandikçi, Eray Cezayirlioğlu, İmren Şengel, Okan Bozkuş
Emre Yeksan
Jakub Giza
Selda Taşkın
Production Designer:
Osman Özcan
Mustafa Avcı
Bora Kasırga, Rıdvan Aytekin, Fatih Rağbet, Eli Haligua
Visual Effects:
Ergin Şanal


Veysel’s wild solitary life in the woods is disrupted when the land he inhabits is sold to investors. One day, his younger brother Hasan comes from the city to convince him to leave. As the imminent threat of the eviction rapidly grows, the belated confrontation of the two brothers leads to the discovery of a magical home: A universe under the earth.

Director's Statement

Yuva follows a man who gave up his urban life, his family and his past in order to become part of the nature. A man in a solitary search for the animal root within. But how much of our humanness can we leave behind? How much of the evolution that had lead us to becoming our modern selves can we rewind? But maybe our contemporary existence and primitive cores are not so incompatible as we think? There is a chance they are able to coexist, such as two estranged brothers who reunite. But will the world we created, with all its capitalistic greed and destructive indifference, let them be together again? We have every reason to be pessimistic today but the history is not limited to our relatively short lifespans. Look at the trees, they live for centuries.


PRODUCTION 1: Anna Maria Aslanoglu - istos film
Mumhane Cad 39 Karakoy
34425 – Istanbul, Turkey
Tel. +90 (0) 5352175210

PRESS OFFICE: La Biennale di Venezia
Ca’ Giustinian – San Marco 1364/A
30124 – Venezia, Italy
Tel. +39 041 2726 644

INTERNATIONAL PUBLICITY: Nihan Katipoğlu / nika digital agency
Tel: +90 533 526 96 97

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