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Flavia Castro
VideoFilmes (Walter Salles), Tacacá Filmes (Gisela Camara), Flauk Filmes (Flavia Castro), Les Films du Poisson (Yaël Fogiel)
Running Time:
Portuguese, French, Spanish
Brazil, France, Qatar
Main Cast:
Jeanne Boudier, Hugo Abranches, Arthur Vieira Raynaud, Sara Antunes, Eliane Giardini, Julian Marras, Jesuíta Barbosa
Flavia Castro
Heloisa Passos, ABC
François Gédigier, Flavia Castro
Production Designer:
Ana Paula Cardoso
Costume Designer:
Renata Russo
Valeria Ferro, Edson Secco


Joana, a teenager, feeds her soul with literature and rock. In 1979, when amnesty is granted in Brazil, she lives with her family in Paris. Overnight and against her will, Joana moves back to the country she barely remembers. In the early 1980s, in Rio de Janeiro, the city she was born in and where her father has forcedly disappeared, she recovers pieces of memory from a fragmented childhood. Not everything is real, not everything is imagination. And as she remembers, Joana is able to write her own story in the present tense.

Director’s Statement

When I was putting together my first film, I became absorbed by different images of the past that arose from testimonies, letters and my own memory. From the experience of a fragmented existence, I wanted to imagine how someone deals with the feeling that memory is made of something like pieces from a puzzle that never match. Then, fiction took over.


PRODUCTION 1: VideoFilmes
Rua Aníbal de Mendonça, 151, 3º andar
22410-050 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. +55 (21) 30940810

PRODUCTION 2: Tacacá Filmes
Rua Gal Cristóvão Barcelos, 121
22245110 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. + 55 (21) 985450254

PRODUCTION 3: Flauk Filmes
Rua Joaquim Caetano, 73/301 - Urca
22291100 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. + 55 (21) 92435980

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: Films Du Poisson - Yael Fogiel - 54, rue René Boulanger - 75010 Paris - Tel: 0142025480 Fax: 0142025472

WORLD SALES: Florencia Gil (Head of Sales) - LOCO FILMS
42 rue Sedaine
75011- Paris, France
Cell. +33 762994919

PRESS OFFICE: Hanna Constant
+33 6 62 81 93 01

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