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Venezia 75 Competition
Gonzalo Tobal
Rei Cine (Benjamin Domenech, Matías Roveda, Santiago Gallelli) K S (Hugo Sigman, Matías Mosteirin, Leticia Cristi), Telefe (Axel Kuschevatzky), Piano (Julio Chavezmontes)
Running Time:
Argentina, Mexico
Main Cast:
Leonardo Sbaraglia, Lali Espósito, Inés Estevez, Daniel Fanego, Gerardo Romano, Gael García Bernal
Gonzalo Tobal, Ulises Porra Guardiola
Fernando Lockett
Alejandro Carrillo Penovi
Production Designer:
Sebastián Orgambide
Costume Designer:
Laura Donari
Rogelio Sosa
Guido Berenblum


Dolores lived the life of a higher-class student until her best friend was found brutally murdered. Two years later, she’s the only indicted suspect for a crime that attracts a lot of media attention and has placed her in the center of the public eye. Dolores spends her days preparing for the trial, secluded in her house as her parents work as a team ready to do anything to defend their daughter. The best lawyer is not enough, they obsessively control around her: how she looks, what she does, eats and who she sees. But as the trial moves forward and pressure grows, suspicion and secrets emerge within the family. Cornered, increasingly isolated and just when any mistake could prove disastrous, Dolores puts the entire strategy at risk.

Director’s Statement

For the past years, I’ve been amazed by how fascinated we follow real crime stories through the media. I am twice amazed since, despite being aware of the phenomena and its construction, I can’t escape its effect. As a viewer, I feel a chronic unrest: the question about the human nature of the real people behind the scenes, involved in such an experience where the boundaries between private and public are blurred with violence. Acusada is at a time a crime film and a portrait of these questions. A look into the external and internal process that someone in such a complex situation might go through, which implies of course the crime aspects, but also family- related, social, political and sexual. We access the crime story always from the inside, with an eye on the intimate side of characters and conflicts. The audience becomes a prosecutor of sorts, shaping their own truth by means of the information provided by the script but also, specially, from the gestures and behaviour of a protagonist whose inner world is shut, whose face is opaque as doubt itself. Isn’t cinema capable of unveiling a frail truth that escapes both the logic of Justice and arguments? The film is a portrait of a society overwhelmed by new forms of communication and exposition that affect social and interpersonal relationships in a way that we are still unable to comprehend. A society in which more and more facts are sidetracked in the battle of the speeches and truth – or whatever remains of it – is confused with the speech that best impacts the viewer.


PRODUCTION 1: Benjamin Domenech,Matías Roveda,Santiago Gallelli - Rei Cine
Mendoza 3820
1430 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. +54 91145435393

PRODUCTION 2: Hugo Sigman,Matías Mosteirin,Leticia Cristi - K S
Paraguay 1535
1061 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. +54 114872 1400

PRODUCTION 3: Axel Kuschevatzky - Telefe
Av. Sir Alexander Fleming 1101
1640 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. 011 5789-9300

PRODUCTION 4: Julio Chavezmontes - Piano
Zacatecas no.8, Interior 6
06700 - Distrito Federal, Mexico
Tel. +52 5563944081

WORLD SALES: Vicente Canales - Film Factory Entertainment
C/Lincoln 11, 2º 4ª
08006 – Barcelona, Spain
Tel. 34 933 684 608

United Kingdom
Tel. +44 7815130390

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