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Venice Gap-Financing Market

75th Venice International Film Festival




Venice Gap-Financing Market


The 3-day Venice Gap-Financing Market will present 46 projects from around the world in the final stages of development and funding.
The selection reflects the great diversity of styles and backgrounds, content and viewpoints, aesthetics and budgets of the projects submitted for consideration.

The selection is divided as follows:
25 feature-length Fiction Film and Documentary projects
15 Virtual Reality Immersive Story projects
6 Biennale College – Virtual Reality projects

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The Venice Gap-Financing Market is a platform to support the European and international producers to secure financing for their projects (Fiction, Documentaries and VR Immersive Story Projects) through one-to-one meetings with potential and pertinent international professionals (producers, sales agents, distributors, financiers, broadcasters and funds). All the invited professionals are decision-makers.


This call is aimed at European and International projects for the following categories:

  • Film: 15/ 18 feature films from all over the world will be selected. There is no genre limitation and animation feature films are welcome;
  • Documentary: 7/10 international narrative or creative feature documentaries will be selected;
  • VR Immersive Story Projects: up to 15 projects from all over the world will be selected.

The 3-day event will present a total of 48 selected European and International projects including the VR Immersive Story Projects developed through the Biennale College Cinema-Virtual Reality.

A tailor-made initiative of this kind requests a real confidentiality for the producers and the partners already in place and a first Project line-up will therefore be sent to selected potential financiers and professionals in order to allow them to register to this co- production market.

The catalogue detailing each film project will then be emailed to the registered professionals by the beginning of July 2018 to entitle them to request 30-minute one-to-one meeting with the producers of the selected projects. The Venice Gap-Financing Market will set up these meetings in accordance with the availability of the participants and meetings slots. Each participant will receive a personalised meeting schedule a few days before the event.



The Venice Gap-Financing Market terms and conditions are:


For Feature Films and Documentary projects

  • The project must be a fiction feature film or a long feature documentary with a running time above 70 minutes and intended for theatrical distribution.
  • The project must be looking for a maximum of 30% gap-financing and we will prioritize the ones looking for a European partner.
  • There is no budget or genre limitation but each project must have secured 70% of its budget and must prove that this financing is in place. The film can be in development, partly or entirely shot.


The Project Team

  • Directors must have previous directing experience (short films, features, TV  movies, series).

Producers must have a track record in production and international co-production


For VR Immersive Story Projects

  • VR Immersive Story Projects can be in different formats: all formats of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) or 360 Dome projection.
  • The VR Immersive Story Projects can be fiction, documentary, series or animation.
  • The minimum length must be 10 minutes.
  • The projects can be both original concepts and adaptations.
  • There is no budget limitation. Each project should be preferably in a development phase but films already partially or totally shot are also acceptable.
  • All submitted projects should have secured at least 30%  of their budget and must prove that this financing is in place.


The Project Team

  • Directors must have previous artistic or directing experience in their field (short films, features, TV movies, series, visual arts, performing arts, sound, installation, performance...).
  • Producers must have a track record in production and international co-production



PROJECT SUBMISSION DEADLINE extended to 25th May 2018 only for the VR Immersive Story Projects.

Submission is carried out in two steps:

  1. Fill in the Venice Production Bridge Online Entry Form
  2. Upload the materials listed below to complete your submission. All documents must be in English or have an English translation.

Please combine the requested documents into a single pdf PROJECT DOSSIER. This has to include the following:
1. Full treatment/concept (8-10 pages for Feature Films, Documentary and VR Immersive Story Projects)
2. Director’s biography and filmography or track records
3. Producer’s biography and filmography or track records
4. Director’s statement and/or visual concept

5. Production company’s profile
6. Budget Outline (in Euros)
7. Financing Plan (in Euros) with all relevant documents showing that 70% of the budget is in place for Feature Films and Documentary projects and the 30% for VR Immersive Story Projects
8. Specific goals at the Venice Gap-Financing Market
9. All contracts, agreements and deal-memos have to be signed by all parties:
            - Between the producer and the author
            - Between the producer and the director           
            - Between the producer and the co-producer(s), if any
            - Between the producer and the main cast(s)/agents
            - Between the producer and the funds, financial partners that appears in the    financing plan
            - Between the producer and the national distributor(s) if any
            - Between the producer and the international sales agent, if any
If you are not able to attach the Project Dossier with the full application to your submission, please send this in an email stating the title of your project in the subject of the mail to gapfinancingmarket@labiennale.org


  • For VR Immersive Story Projects
  • Candidates must submit a concept and treatment of 8-10 pages on the overall story, visual approach, user experience or interactive experience design.
  • Each project must be submitted by a production company (producer, distributor, TV Channel) who own full rights to develop and produce the project



Once the selection has been made, the selected producers are contacted to confirm their participation and asked to provide updated material for inclusion in the Book of Projects, which is going to circulate to professionals and financiers before and during the festival.

Participation in the event entitles the project team (the delegate producer and the director) to the following services and facilities:

  • Travel and accommodation;
  • Extensive networking opportunities and one-to-one meetings;
  • Project promotion;
  • An Industry Gold badge for the access to all the services of the Venice Production Bridge.


In return all the selected project teams are required to:

  • Include the following line and the authorised logo in the credits when the film is completed “Presented at the Venice Production Bridge 2018”. Logo will be provided electronically;
  • Attend the activities of the Venice Gap Financing Market;
  • Attend all the pre-organized one-to-one meetings during the event.


By accepting the invitation to participate to the Venice Gap-Financing Market, you are also agreeing to follow and satisfy the above conditions.


Venice International Film Festival, 29th August - 8th September, 2018

Venice Production Bridge, 30th August - 4th September, 2018

Venice Gap-Financing Market, 31st  August - 2nd September, 2018


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