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Venice VR Expanded
Rui Guerreiro
Visiontrick Media (Henrik Flink)
Running Time:
Japan, Sweden
Tony Gerber, Kazuhiro Goto, Izumi Sato
Oculus Quest1/Quest 2
Created by:Rui Guerreiro
Assistant director:Henrik Flink
Additional art:Izumi Sato, Daisuke Uchikawa, Richard Westman


As you wake up, stirred from a dreamless sleep with an unknown purpose, you find yourself in the strange lands of Mare embodying a mysterious artificial bird. Crossing paths with a helpless companion you venture deep into unknown territory on a puzzling adventure while unraveling a mysterious narrative and the secrets hidden within. All in order to ensure the arrival of the companion at her impending destiny.
– Explore the vast and strange landscapes by the means of an artificial bird.
– Guide and protect a vulnerable AI companion on her unexpected adventure.
– Let the curiosity of the companion inspire you to explore and discover the underlying narrative.
– Immerse yourself in the ambient atmosphere and otherworldly music for a soothing experience.
– Search for lost artifacts hidden throughout the world in order to unlock the final secret of Mare.

Director's Statement

Mare at its minimum, meets the goal for the player to experience a unique world that will surprise his senses and pique her curiosity just by being there. The look and design hopefully create a sense of mystery and intrigue, encouraging the player to fill in the gaps with his own imagination. At the same time, trying to avoid performing any technical stunt-pilotry for the player, I rather want to slide open the door of the player’s imagination. Regarding the so-called "Story and Narrative", although present, I prefer to call it "Speculation and Compulsion". Helping the player to otherwise speculate with his own musings while also understand the impact of his own actions.


PRODUCTION 1: Henrik Flink – Visiontrick Media
Redskapsvagen 36 LGH 1001
162 43 – Vallingby, Sweden

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