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In the Mist

Venice VR Expanded
Tung-yen Chou
Very Theatre, Kaohsiung Film Archive, Funique VR
Running Time:
Taipei* (*as per Institutional practices)
Main Cast:
Lin Jing-Yan, Gryphon Gu, Chen Hsin-Hung, Jack Chueh, John Chen, James Kim, Cho Kai-Cheng, Owen Wu, Li Chi-Yen, Luke Barnie, Eason Lee, Qiu Ming-Fen
Chou Tung-Yen
William Chou
Huang Chia-Wen
Liao Hai-Ting
Kao Chin-Lun
HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Pro 2 Oculus Rift/Rift S/Quest w/link Oculus Quest 1/Quest 2 Valve Index
Production designer:Yu Ray-Pei
VR supervisor:Chuan Ming-Yuan
VR D.O.P:Chou Che-Yu (William)
Advised by:Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government


In a dim-lighted room filled with mist, blurred figures of men are sipping the desire and loneliness from each other. You seem to have entered a forbidden zone and fallen into a state between dreaming and being awake, gazing at someone and also being gazed at by them. Theatre and new media director Chou Tung-Yen once again touches on the unspeakable life experience of the gay community culture, exploring a male sauna through poetic lenses to take a peek into something that’s hidden under the desire—the love without love.

Director’s Statement

I’ve always been fascinated with dreams in theatre, the obscurities between lights and shadows, the mystery of human desire. Two years ago, an unexpected erotic scene in a steam room of a hot spring astonished me with a powerful visual yet visceral impact. I thought there is no better way to share this than a VR experience, which blends all my fascinations in one. No filming angles to hide or cover what’s normally hidden. Bringing the audience to somewhere they might never have a chance to be and to look at it extremely close yet absolutely distant. I’m privileged and honored to be able to make this work with a very open and loving team, with governmental support on the land of freedom.


PRODUCTION 1: Very Theatre
6F., No.28, Aly. 23, Ln. 85, Sec. 3, Muzha Rd.
116 – Taipei City, Taipei* (*as per institutional practices)
Tel. +886 222345588

PRODUCTION 2: Kaohsiung Film Archive
No.10, Hesi Road
803 - Kaohsiung City, Taipei* (*as per institutional practices)
Tel. +886 75511211

2F., No.46, Ganzhou Street
103 – Taipei City Taipei* (*as per institutional practices)
Tel. +886 225573601

PRESS OFFICE: Min-Wei Kuo – Kaohsiung Film Archive
No. 10, Hesi Road
803- Kaohsiung City, Taipei* (*as per institutional practices)
Tel. +886 75511211
Mob. +886 966720935

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