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Cinema Accreditation for university students

Cinema Accreditation for University Students

Introductory note

For the second consecutive year, La Biennale di Venezia, on the occasion of the Venice International Film Festival, aims to carbon neutrality. This involves reducing and offsetting the emission of carbon dioxide through targeted actions that require the involvement and attention of all Festival participants. We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration in achieving this ambitious goal, which will be reached through the individual behaviour of each of us.


Italian and foreign students of any course of study can apply for Cinema accreditation upon presentation of proof of University enrolment for the current academic year.
For students enrolled in film-related studies, the procedure to request the accreditation is as described at the Cinema Accreditation page.

Request by 29th June
Online payment by 7th July, 2:30 pm CET

FULL FEE: € 90
Request by 28th  July
Online payment by 9th August, 2:30 pm CET

LATE FEE: € 100
Request from 29th July to  to 22rd  August
Online payment must be made by and not later 27th August, 2:30 pm CET


Cinema accreditation offers the possibility to view all films of the Festival marked as “Tutti gli accrediti” (All pass holders), the access to the projects of the Venice Immersive section at Isola del Lazzaretto Vecchio (Venice Immersive Island), the access to the Exhibition Areas and to the free access conferences organized by the Venice Production Bridge.

The screening schedule will be available on the website from mid-August and in the official programme which will be handed out with the accreditation badge.

Accreditation payment must be done online.

The accreditation will be valid for the entire duration of the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

Cinema accreditation also allows you to benefit from accommodation at special prices in the affiliated university residences for the entire duration of the Festival.
For further information please contact the Registration Office:
Tel. +39 041 5218 842
E-mail: accrediti@labiennale.org

2. Accreditation request

The following data will be requested in the online accreditation form for university students:

· contact details of the applicant and ID data;
· passport photo in jpg format;
· updated copy of your academic transcript for the current academic year, or copy of the payment receipt of your tuition fees for the current academic year.

The Registration Office will evaluate all requests and will send a confirmation email, together with payment information.

Please note that the accreditation badge, digital entry, can be paid exclusively with traceable payment systems online, such as credit and debit card.


No refund is possible in case of non-attendance or cancellation.
Loss or theft of the accreditation badge have to be reported to the local police authority. The badge will only be replaced against renewed payment and within the times of the issuing office.
Badges are issued at the full discretion of the La Biennale di Venezia.


Contact us:
Registration Office
Tel. +39 041 5218 842
E-mail accrediti@labiennale.org

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