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Valeria mithatenet (Valeria is getting married)

Orizzonti Extra
Michal Vinik
Lama Films (Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel), ForeFilms (Vladimir Yatsenko, Anna Yatsenko)
Running Time:
Israel, Ukraine
Main Cast:
Lena Fraifeld, Dasha Tvoronovich, Yaakov Zada Daniel, Avraham Shalom Levi
Michal Vinik
Guy Raz
Maya Kenig
Production Designer:
Shunit Aharoni
Costume Designer:
Maya Lebovitch
Daphna Keenan
Ashi Milo, Ronen Nagel


Christina is a Ukrainian woman who moved to Israel through a ‘bride-to-order’ kind of deal. Compared to her life back in Ukraine, life in Israel is great for Christina. She works in a beauty salon, earns her own money, and loves Israel. Her Israeli husband Michael is also satisfied with this marriage. He is happy that he found a woman who can live with him. In fact, he is so satisfied that he starts his own little business scouting for Ukrainian brides for other Israeli men. Michael’s recent matchmaking is a special one—the bride’s name is Valeria, and she’s Christina’s younger sister. Michael went out of his way and found the best man he could get for her. His name is Eitan, and while he may not be the most handsome guy in the country, he is a good-hearted, generous man. However, Valeria is different to her older sister. And the whole delicate balance is at risk.

Director’s Statement

I’ve asked myself time and time again why I’ve always been fascinated by the men and women who willingly participate in such an ‘arrangement.’ I have come to realise that my interest mostly has to do with how these relationships serve as a mirror for all committed relationships between any two people, whether married or not. The arrangement between a Ukrainian bride and an Israeli groom may fall on the extreme end of the relationship scale, but at the core of many relationships, there is a component that creates a hierarchy or imbalance.


PRODUCTION 1: Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel – LAMA FILMS
22 Sderot Chen
6416603 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel. +972 36850430
Mob. +972 544708295

PRODUCTION 2: Vladimir Yatsenko, Anna Yatsenko – ForeFilms
4 Yaroslaviv Val St., ap.7
01030 – Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 673837508
Mob. +380 734190873

WORLD SALES: Magdalena Banasik – m-appeal
Prinzessinnenstr. 16
10969 – Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 3061507505
Mob. +33 647637247

PRESS OFFICE: Gloria Zerbinati
Mob. +33 0786800282

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