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Bobi Wine: Ghetto President

Out of Competition
Christopher Sharp, Moses Bwayo
Southern Films (Christopher Sharp) Ventureland (John Battsek)
Running Time:
English, Luganda
Uganda, UK, USA
Sam Benstead, Moses Bwayo, Michele Sibiloni
Paul Carlin
Dan Jones
George Foulgham


This observational documentary film follows Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie. Bobi rises from the ghetto slums of Kampala to one of the country’s most loved superstars. His musical talent lifts him and emboldens millions of previously voiceless people. Bobi uses his music for activism, then becomes an Independent Member of Parliament to stand to defend the rights of his people, the ghetto people. Bobi’s wife, Barbie, by standing with him, plunges her own life into uncertainty. The film is an examination of the disturbing misuse of the legal and parliamentary systems, two supposed pillars of democracy. The country’s institutions are controlled by the State to ensure President Museveni, an autocratic strongman, who has held power since 1986, continues to rule Uganda. Bobi and Barbie must risk everything, their lives and their futures to challenge him. The state is determined to silence, not only them, but anyone who supports their cause. This is not just a story for Uganda, it is a narrative for all those who struggle under dictatorial regimes. Those who oppose them quickly discover that Western democracies have interests that do not extend to holding autocrats to account. This story has never been so relevant.

Directors’ Statement

Bobi and Barbie are once in a lifetime heroes who take great personal risk to dislodge and liberate a nation from a regime that has been in power for 35 years. We wanted to create a film that is an authentic representation of the dramatic events unfolding in Uganda, and the raw and genuine spirit of an inspiring group of people. Music is Bobi’s lifeblood and we have endeavoured to make this central to the narrative.
As documentary filmmakers, occasionally, we are fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to relate events that can instigate transformation. We believe that this is one of those occasions. In a world which presently feels more tyrannical than ever, we have a duty to celebrate those who stand against violence and offer hope in the face of autocracy.


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