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Cue [Archive]

Venice Immersive
Artist ⁄ Coding:phi16
Cassette Label Design:Daiya Tanabe
Music: ow(2022-edit)
Director ⁄ Composer:0b4k3


This world, "CUE [Archive]", is an "archive" of XR Live "CUE", performed in NEWVIEW FEST 2021 at Shibuya PARCO, Japan, on Jan 22, 2022.
The original "CUE" was a 45-minute audio-visual experience in both VR and reality: a DJ mix by 0b4k3 and a visual/lighting performance by phi16, which connected the two realms with a perfect sync.
We sampled, edited, and reconstructed the original to create a new and fresh experience, "CUE [Archive]". It also features a new edit of 0b4k3's track "ow", "ow (2022-edit)".
"CUE [Archive]" is also available on the STYLY platform. You can enjoy the experience there on your browser, smartphone, or VR headset.

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Biennale Cinema
Biennale Cinema