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Eurydice, een Afdaling in Oneindigheid (Eurydice, a Descent into Infinity)

Venice Immersive
Celine Daemen
Studio Nowhere (Celine Daemen), Silbersee (Romain Bischoff, Katrien Sitters, Dominique Slegers, Isha Plug)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Sterre Konijn
Kate Moore, Wouter Snoei
Kate Moore, Wouter Snoei
Art director:Aron Fets
Libretto:Charlotte Van den Broeck, David McKay
Artists:Yannick Verweij, Cyriel Verkuijlen
Designers:Eline Oppewal, Tommy Jansen
Developer:Malou Minkjan
Project manager: Jan Van den Bossche


Eurydice, een afdaling in oneindigheid is a Virtual Reality opera inspired by the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The audience makes a solitary journey to an in-between space, between matter and eternity, in which time fades and the laws of space become obsolete. “Where do you belong? Between wandering souls or with both feet on the solid ground?”
For centuries we have mused on the infinity of our soul, which after death leaves our body behind as a temporary shell and itself resumes to wander—whether by reincarnating, ascending to a heaven or being uploaded to the cloud. These are all desires based on the contradiction between the deceptive material world and a higher eternal reality in which we find our peace.
Eurydice’s hypnotic singing draws you deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of corridors, ruins and balustrades, beyond which dizzying depths and vistas open up. Your curiosity is the best compass in this fascinating in-between space full of poetry and enchanting music.

Director’s Statement

The ancient character of Eurydice will take the audience on a sensory journey inward, to a place that we fear and long for at the same time. I imagine death to be the opposite of reality as we know it. For me, Eurydice is like a luring void that calls us, that awakens in us the desire to let go of this reality, against which we anxiously defend ourselves in the same moment.
Do I belong in this chaos, and is this ‘nothingness’ the core of our being, of our soul? Or is it an inhuman place and do I belong with both feet firmly on solid ground? Is our deepest identity that of the thoughts and observations that fill our consciousness, or the void or nothingness that lies between these things?



PRODUCTION 1: Celine Daemen – Studio Nergens (Studio Nowhere)
Papaverhoek 1B
1032JZ – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. +31 614887643

PRODUCTION 2: Romain Bischoff, Katrien Sitters, Dominique Slegers, Isha Plug – Silbersee
Zeeburgerdijk 84
1094AG – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. +31 613222582

PRODUCTION 3: Jackie Smeets, Ton Driessen, Joost Segers – VIA ZUID
Postbus 1001
6201BA – Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel. +31 653894045

WORLD SALES: Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf – Silbersee
Zeeburgerdijk 84
1094AG – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. +31 642310655

PRESS OFFICE: Imke van Herk – Silbersee
Zeeburgerdijk 84
1094AG – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. +31 623338528

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