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Oura el jbel (Behind the mountains)

Mohamed Ben Attia
Nomadis Images (Dora Bouchoucha Fourati, Lina Chaabane Menzli), Les Films du fleuve (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Delphine Tomson), Tanit Films (Nadim Cheikhrouha), 010 Films (Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Rapetti, Giovanni Giusto), Red Sea Fund, Metafora, Sunnyland Art, VOO et Be Tv, Paolo Maria Spina
Running Time:
Tunisian Arabic
Tunisia, Belgium, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
Main Cast:
Majd Mastoura, Samer Bisharat, Walid Bouchhioua, Selma Zeghidi, Helmi Dridi, Wissem Belgharek
Mohamed Ben Attia
Frederic Noirhomme
Lenka Fillnerova
Production Designer:
Fatma Madani
Costume Designer:
Olfa Attouchi
Olivier Marguerit
Ludovic Escallier, Quentin Colette, Jean-Stephane Garbe
Visual Effects:
Compagnie générale des effets visuels CGEV


After spending four years in jail, Rafik has only one plan, to take his son behind the mountains and show him his amazing discovery.

Director's Statement

It’s the story of a man who violently breaks free from his banal environment, subtracting himself from society with its principles, codes, and institutions.
Rafik is not an intellectual. He obeys to no ideology and cannot express his vision of the world in words. His acts seem to emerge from a passionate, almost savage drive. His rejection of a brutally conformist society is steered by an extraordinary momentum, a vital outburst of freedom, a deep desire to flee bland and standardised reality, a conventional bleak world which has become the reign of political correctness, of a single way of thinking where everything is rashly dictated. In times where fear and propriety rule the world, Rafik is a threat.
I wanted to show a man capable of widening the spectrum of possible in a country which has become schizophrenic, a world that has become absurd.


PRODUCTION 1: Dora Bouchoucha Fourati, Lina Chaabane Menzli – Nomadis Images
11, Rue Mami
2070 – La Marsa, Tunisia
Tel. +216 71749080
Mob. +216 98327916

PRODUCTION 2: Jean Pierre Dardenne,Luc Dardenne,Delphine Tomson – Les Films Du Fleuve
Quai de Gaulle, 13
4020 – Liege, Belgium
Tel. +32 43495690
Mob. +32 498259550

PRODUCTION 3: Nadim Cheikhrouha – Tanit Films
61, Rue Piat
75020 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 682086487

PRODUCTION 4: Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Rapetti, Giovanni Giusto – 010 FILMS
Via Malta, 2/10
16121 – Genova, Italia
Tel. +39 3484210098

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: Red Sea Fund - Metafora - Sunnyland Art - Voo Et Be Tv – Revolver Films

WORLD SALES: Fiorella Moretti – Luxbox
6, Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
75011 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 626100765

PRESS OFFICE: Viviana Andriani – Rendez Vous PR
75, rue des Martyrs
75018 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 142663635
Mob. +33 680168139

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