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Biennale Cinema 2023


Tickets and subscriptions

80th Venice International Film Festival
30 August - 9 September 2023


Official Card: Mastercard




€ 15 (full price) € 12 (reduction*) for screenings scheduled at 3 pm
€ 20 (full price) € 15 (reduction*) for screenings scheduled at 5 pm
€ 50 (full price) € 40 (reduction*) for screenings scheduled at 7:30 pm
€ 40 (full price) € 30 (reduction*) for screenings scheduled at 10 pm
€ 20 (full price) € 15 (reduction*) for screenings scheduled at midnight


€ 12 (full price) € 9 (reduction*)
For screenings scheduled at 1, 3, 6 pm.
€ 20 (full price) € 15 (reduction*) for the double screening starting at 8 pm
€ 15 (full price) € 10 (reduction*)
For screenings scheduled at midnight


€ 12 (full price) € 9 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 12 (full price) € 9 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 9 (full price) € 6 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 9 (full price) € 6 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 9 (full price) € 6 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 8 (full price) € 5 (reduction*).
For all screenings


Subscription holders, Under 26, Over 65, Biennale Card 2023.

Disabled visitors

See below




€ 160 (full price). For screenings scheduled at 5 pm
€ 300 (full price) € 250 (reduction*) For screenings scheduled at 10 pm

€ 500 (full price) € 425 (reduction*). For screenings scheduled at 7:30 pm
€ 650 (full price) € 545 (reduction*). For screenings scheduled at 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm

€ 1600. Subscription ‘Full’ at 7:30 pm


€ 80 (full price) € 70 (reduction*).
For all Orizzonti screenings scheduled at 2 pm or 5 pm


€ 200 (full price) € 160 (reduction*): double screening starting at 8 pm


€ 80 (full price) € 70 (reduction*).
For all screenings (5 pm or 9 pm)


€ 40 (full price) € 30 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 40 (full price) € 30 (reduction*).
For screenings scheduled at 5 pm (Venice Classics).


€ 40 (full price) € 30 (reduction*).
For screenings scheduled at 1:45 pm (Settimana della Critica) or 4:30 pm (Giornate degli Autori).


€ 30 (full price) € 25 (reduction*).
For all screenings


€ 90 (Valid for 10 days)
€ 60 (Valid for 5 days).


Under 26, Over 60, Biennale Card 2023.

Disabled visitors

Disabled visitors on wheelchairs
Theatres are equipped to welcome disabled people on wheelchairs, provided that they hold certifications stating their disability. A specific commission has defined the following number of seats:
Sala Grande 4 – Darsena 8 – PalaBiennale 8 – Giardino 2 – Corinto 2 – Perla 4 – Volpi 2 – Casinò 2
People wishing to receive one of the seats for disabled people on wheelchairs must address their requests to biglietteria.cinema@labiennale.org. Requests must be submitted max 48h before the relevant screenings. Any accompanying assistants with certifications must be mentioned in the requests.
Accompanying assistants with certifications will receive free admission to screenings.
Requests will be accepted until seat availability is reached.

Visitors with disabilities
Disabled visitors accompanied by certified assistants must submit their ticket purchase requests exclusively by email. Requests must be addressed to biglietteria.cinema@labiennale.org. Requests should include the relevant cetificates stating the condition of invailidity and the necessity of an accompanying assistant. Requests must contain: date and time of the screening, title, screening theatre and personal details of both persons. Accompanying assistants will receive free admission to screenings.
Requests must be submitted max 48h before the relevant screenings. Requests will be accepted until seat availability is reached.


80th Venice International Film Festival

Accreditation for Professionals / Promotional Passes


The Venice International Film Festival offers all those working in the cinematographic sector the possibility of requesting accreditation according to their specific field of employment.

Accreditation will be granted according to the respective regulations and is subject to available seats.
Participation in the Venice Film Festival involves full acceptance of all its regulations​.

Any violation of these will result in the immediate withdrawal of the accreditation badge.


Print media, online media, radio & television crews, photographers, and press attaches.

Professionals of the film industry and artistic or technical operators.

Persons involved with the films screening in the official selection of the Festival.

Persons operating in the cinematographic sector under a cultural profile and for university students.

People under 26 / over 60 who do not work in the cinematographic sector.

University students with a passion for cinema.


Learn more

How to get there

By train

Arrival at Venezia S. Lucia railway station, then vaporetto boat to Lido (Actv lines, stops: Lido S. Maria Elisabetta and/or Lido Casinò).

By car

Exit the A4 Motorway at Venice, follow road signs for Venezia Lido, then board on the Actv ferry boat.

By boat

From Ferrovia, Piazzale Roma and S. Zaccaria, any Actv line to Lido S. Maria Elisabetta; Actv lines 20 and MC to Lido Casinò.

By airplane

Arrival at Marco Polo Venice Airport, then Alilaguna boat (red line), stop: Lido S. Maria Elisabetta.

Services for the public


Accessibility to venues and other services

The venues of the 80th Venice International Film Festival are barrier-free for disabled visitors.



The bike sharing service is managed by Agenzia Venezia Unica S.p.A. and is available 24 hours a day, daily. Bicycle stations are located at the bicycle parking area at Piazzale S. Maria Elisabetta and at Palazzo del Cinema (Via Candia).

Agenzia Venezia Unica S.p.A.
Piazzale S. Maria Elisabetta - Lido di Venezia
daily from 8 am to 8 pm
€ 15 with Imob card

Membership card must be loaded with a minimum of € 5 the first time.
· From 0’ to 60’: free
· From 61’ to 120’:
€ 1/hour or fraction of an hour
· Over 120’:
€ 2/hour or fraction of an hour
Customers will receive full regulations upon registering for the Service.


  • WI-FI

Wi-Fi service is available in the Venice Film Festival areas, operated by Comune di Venezia / Venice Connected.

For access to the wi-fi service please check the website: www.comune.venezia.it/it/content/venice-connected



Piazzale S. Maria Elisabetta and Festival area

Tel. +39 041 5265974



Hotels at Lido: Consorzio Venezia e il suo Lido: https://www.visitlido.it/en/


When will the next Venice International Film Festival run?
30 August to 9 September 2023.

Where does the Festival take place and how can I get there?
Every year the Festival takes place at the Lido di Venezia, an island that can be easily reached by public and private transport.
By train: From the railway station Venezia S. Lucia then vaporetto boat to Lido (Actv lines, stops: lido S. Maria Elisabetta and/or Lido Casinò)
By car: Exit the A4 Motorway at Venice, follow road signs for Venezia Lido, then board on the Actv ferry boat.
By boat: From Ferrovia / Piazzale Roma / S. Zaccaria, Actv linea 1 /6 /4.1 /5.2 to Lido S. Maria Elisabetta; Actv lines 20 and MC to Lido Casinò.
By airplane: Arrival at Marco Polo Venice Airport, then Alilaguna boat (red line), stop: Lido S. Maria Elisabetta.

Which films will screen at the next Festival?
The full line-up will be announced at the end of July 2023 during the official press conference, which will be streamed by Raiplay and the Biennale channels.

How many sections are there in the line-up?
The official selection includes: Venezia 80, Out of Competition, Orizzonti, Orizzonti Extra, Venice Classics, Biennale College Cinema, and Venice Immersive.
The independent and parallel sections include the International Critics’ Week (SIC) and the Giornate degli Autori, these sections having their own independent regulations.

Which screenings are scheduled for the public?
The public has its own access to screenings for which tickets are sold online, as will be indicated in the daily programme. Some screenings are reserved exclusively for accredited visitors.

Are children admitted to screenings?
Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to screenings.
All screenings with a minimum age limit of 14 or 18 (12 or 16 if accompanied by a parent or whomever has parental authority, both providing a valid ID document) are specified in the programme for the public.

How do I buy tickets and subscriptions?
Details will be available after the programme presentation around mid-August. Tickets and subscriptions will be available only online. For information regarding ticket purchase please contact biglietteria.cinema@labiennale.org

Is the Festival competitive?
Apart from the Out of Competition selection, all sections are competitive. The International Juries of the competitive sections will award the prizes as specified in the Regulations. The Golden Lion will be awarded to the best film of the Venezia 80 competition.

Will the press view the films?
Some 3,000 journalists, film critics, and radio and television reporters are attending the Festival and have privileged access to screenings.

Does the Festival have a Film Market?
Yes. The Venice Production Bridge takes place alongside the Venice Film Festival. Its purpose is to favour the presentation and production of new projects, by providing services and areas reserved to film industry professionals. For specific information about the VPB, its activities and the various forms of accreditation, please visit its website or write to VPBoffice@labiennale.org.

How do I get accreditation?
All details regarding types, conditions and costs of available accreditation can be found here.

Will the talents attend the screenings in the Sala Grande?
Yes, normally directors and actors attend the afternoon and evening screenings in the Sala Grande. Please consult the festival programme to check on their presence.

What is the dress code to attend the gala screenings in the Sala Grande?
A formal attire is recommended.

Is it possible to watch the talents and delegations walking the Red Carpet?
Yes, it is possible. The Red Carpet can be seen from the pedestrian area. Moreover, the Red Carpet walks will be broadcasted on giant screen and streamed on our channels. In order to assist it is not necessary to have a ticket or an accreditation.

Where can I find the Venice Film Festival official merchandising?
The catalogue and official gadgets will be available at our gift shops or online.

Any other questions?
Please contact cinema@labiennale.org or visit the Festival website for the latest updates.

Where can I buy tickets? Are there any reductions? Whom are they granted to?
Tickets may be bought exclusively online at www.labiennale.org starting from mid-August 2023. In compliance with current regulations, tickets are personal and cannot be transferred. Reductions are granted to under 26/over 60 and Biennale Card 2023 holders. A document justifying the concession must be shown at the entrance of the venue along with the ticket.

Are there subscriptions to attend all the screenings in all the venues?
Subscriptions are available for specific screening theatres and time slots. While Cinema accreditations admit to the reserved screenings as indicated in the programme.

When will the daily film programme be available? Can I buy tickets a couple of months in advance?
The daily programme will be available around mid-August. Only when it is published will tickets be on sale.

I want to make a present and buy a subscription to the Venice Film Festival; who should I contact?
You can send a request to biglietteria.cinema@labiennale.org .

I am a minor. Can I be admitted to the screenings?
Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to screenings.
The screenings with a minimum age limit of 14 or 18 (12 or 16 if accompanied by a parent or whomever has parental authority, both providing a valid ID document) are specified in the programme for the public.

I am late for the screening, can I still be admitted?
Access will not be allowed once the screening has started but only 10 minutes before the time indicated on the programme.

Are there special prices for the young and for university students?
Italian and foreign university students from all faculties may request a Cinema Accreditation for Students.
Moreover all people over 18 and under 26 can purchase a Promotional Card. All details can be found here.


When will you open the registration?
Requests for accreditation to the 80th Venice International Film Festival will be starting from February  2023.

Where can I submit my accreditation request?
To submit your accreditation request you need to fill out the online request form related to your professional category (Industry or Cinema) or follow the specific procedures for Press accreditation. All information are available on the  Accreditation page of our website.

Until when can I apply for an accreditation?
It is possible to apply for accreditations within the deadlines indicated in the regulations for each typology, according to the availabilities. It is highly recommended to request and pay the accreditation as soon as possible, to benefit of the best rates and of the offered services.

I’m a minor, can I have an accreditation?
No, the accreditation is reserved to people from 18 years old.

I’ll turn 18 just after the Festival, can I have an accreditation?
No, the accreditation is reserved only to those that will already be 18 during the Festival. It is however possible to attend the Festival by buying tickets to single screenings, unless they are marked as R-rated (18+).



What are the accreditation typologies?
There are three main accreditation typologies dedicated to the different professional categories: Press, Industry and Cinema. In addition to them, there are the Film Delegation accreditations, dedicated to the delegations of the films selected for the Festival, the Promotional Under 26/Over 60 accreditations, dedicated to applicants of the indicated ages.
Each typology of accreditation is released accordingly with the respective methods. Terms, conditions and rates are described in the Accreditation section.

I’m a film professional and also a journalist, can I have both accreditations?
No, each person can have only one accreditation.

Can I apply for two different accreditation categories at the same time?
No, requests sent to different offices at the same time to obtain different typologies of accreditation will not be taken into consideration. To verify which kind of accreditation corresponds to your professional profile, please check the Accreditation page.



Can I pay the accreditation in cash?
No, we accept traceable payment systems such as credit and debit card exclusively.

Can I pay the accreditation when I collect it?
Yes, it is possible to pay the accreditation with credit or debit cards at the moment of the collection at the Accreditation Desk only in the case of Industry typologies. To benefit of better rates and of all services granted by the accreditation the online pre-payment is highly recommended.

I need to pay more accreditations, can I do a bank transfer?
No, each accreditation has to be paid separately through debit or credit card.

I need the invoice, do you send it to me?
The invoice will be automatically sent to the applicants that have requested it before the online payment by ticking the relevant field.  Alternatively, only a receipt of payment may be issued.

Do you do concessions on the accreditation costs?
Industry and Cinema accreditations have reduced fees for those who send their accreditation request by 28th June 2023 and pay the accreditation by 6th July 2023. To check all fees and deadlines, please visit the Accreditation page.

I can’t attend the Festival anymore but I’ve already paid my accreditation, can I have a refund?
It will be possible to receive a 60% refund for the Industy Gold and Trade accreditation requested by 28th June 2023 and paid in advance, in case of cancellations communicated to the Registration Office by and no later than 31st July 2023. It’s also possible to receive a full refund for Industry accreditations in case of entry VISA for Italy denied by the competent authorities, upon presentation of all documentation to the Registration Office. In any other case the accreditation cannot be refunded.

I can’t attend the Festival anymore but I’ve already paid my accreditation, can you change the heading and give it to my friend?
No, changes of names are not admitted. The accreditation is strictly personal and not transferable.



Which screenings can I attend with my accreditation?
Cinema accreditations allow you to attend all screenings marked as “Tutti gli accrediti” with no priority of access. Industry, Film Delegation and Press accreditations allow you to attend all screenings marked as “Tutti gli accrediti” with no priority of access and all screenings marked as “Press Industry” with priority access depending on the badge colour with the order red and blue.
At the screenings marked as “Pubblico / Tutti gli accrediti” priority is given to the audience and subsequently to all accreditations with no priority. The access to all screenings is subject to availability.

How do I access the works of the Festival?
All pass holders will be able to access the screenings of the films of the Festival and the projects of the Venice Immersive section through an online booking system that will be communicated once the official programme will be defined. The booking service will be available exclusively for pass holders who have paid for their accreditation. We also would like to remind you that access to the screening rooms of the Festival and to the viewing of the Venice Immersive projects will only be possible by showing both the reservation and the accreditation.

Which is my accreditation code?
The accreditation code is the 8-digit alpha-numeric code indicated in the registration confirmation email for your accreditation. It’s the same used for the online payment and printed on you accreditation pass under the barcode.

Can I attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies with my accreditation?
No, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are by invitation only.

Which areas can I access with my accreditation?
The accreditation allows access to all Festival areas between Palazzo del Cinema and Palazzo del Casinò, to the Venice Immersive Island (Isola del Lazzaretto Vecchio) and to the Exhibition Areas and the free access conferences organized by the Venice Production Bridge at Hotel Excelsior.



When can I collect my accreditation pass?
Press accreditation can be collected from Monday 28th August. All other accreditation typology can be collected from the following day, Tuesday 29th August. In order to collect your accreditation, you need to show the registration confirmation email (also fine in digital format). The opening times of the Accreditation Desk will be published in the Accreditation section in August.

Can I send somebody else to collect my accreditation?
No, the accreditation is strictly personal and not transferable, therefore it must be collected in person. Proxy is not allowed.

I lost my accreditation pass, what do I do?
Loss or theft of the accreditation badge have to be reported to the local police authority. The Registration Office will duplicate the badge, upon presentation of the police report and a new payment of the original fee you paid, within the times of the issuing office.

When will submissions open?
The submissions will open starting from February 1, 2023.

Who can submit  a film?
All production or distribution companies and filmmakers can submit films for selection, providing they own the rights to do so and respect the Regulations and the festival deadlines.

What are the submission deadlines?
The deadline for registering a full-length film is June 15th, 2023 at 23:59 (your time zone). The deadline for a short film is June 1st, 2023. The deadline to submit immersive projects is May 29, 2023. The selection screener must also be provided within the respective deadline.

Must films be subtitled or dubbed?
All selected films must be presented exclusively in their original language. The festival will not accept dubbed films. Foreign language films must be subtitled in Italian. Italian language films must be subtitled in English. Immersive projects must be in English or subtitled in English.

How do I submit my work to the Venice International Film Festival?
You have to register your work through the online pre-selection entry form (available from February 1st). The form consists of two parts, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you after filling out each part (please always check your spam folder). Then you have to pay the submission fee. Only after that will you be able to upload the film or immersive work into the relevant VIFF streaming platform.

Is it possible to submit through Withoutabox or Filmfreeway?
No, the only channel to submit is filling out the official pre-selection entry form that you find at www.labiennale.org/en/cinema .

May I submit if I do not have a production company?
Yes, of course. Just fill out the field PRODUCTION writing “independent film” or “self-produced”.

Is it possible to submit more than one work?
Yes, you can submit more than one work. For each title you need to complete the pre-selection entry form and pay the fee.

May I apply to more than one section or to a specific section?
There is only one general submission form for full-length films, then the Festival Direction will decide in which section your work will be presented in case it is selected. Short films have their own submission form and will be presented in the competitive Orizzonti  Corti section. Immersive projects have their own submission form and will be presented at the Lazzaretto Vecchio Island (Venice Immersive Island) in the Venice Immersive programme.

May I submit to selection a restored film?
No, it is not possible to submit a restored classic film. For more details please write to veniceclassics@labiennale.org .

Can I add or correct the information given in my application?
Yes, please send an email with the updated information to selection@labiennale.org (full-length films), to orizzonti@labiennale.org (short films), or to veniceimmersive@labiennale.org (immersive projects). Please remember to mention the title of the work or the registration code in the email object.

Do you accept works submitted in previous years?
No, the VIFF does not accept works that have already been considered for past editions, even if they had a different title, different duration, or were previously presented as works in progress.

Do you accept documentaries and animations?
Yes, the VIFF accepts documentaries and animations both as full-length films and as short films.

Is the VIFF in charge of selecting films for Settimana della Critica (Critics’ Week) and Giornate degli Autori?
No, these are sidebar independent sections with their own independent regulations and selection committees. For more information please check their websites or write to info@sicvenezia.it (SIC) and info@giornatedegliautori.com (Giornate degli Autori).



Which are the main conditions to be eligible for the VIFF?
All films presented at the VIFF must be World Premiere, this means that a film must have never been shown anywhere and in any form publicly. Short films must be no longer that 20 minutes, while full-length films must not be shorter than 60 minutes. Moreover, all works submitted must have been produced in the twelve months before the VIFF.

Are International Premieres admitted in any section?
Only immersive projects may be presented as International Premiere, even though World Premiere will be preferred.
All the other sections of the VIFF, even non competitive ones, will present only films as World Premiere.

If my film has been presented only in its country of origin, is it eligible?
No, it is not.

Are films presented at national or international film festivals/events eligible?
No, they are not.

If my film has been/will be presented in a film market, is it still eligible?
Yes, but only if it is/will be a private screening with a restricted number of invited attendees , with no press admitted. For any doubts on this regard, please contact our Programming Office.

Are films released on the internet, broadcast on television or released on DVD or Blu-ray admitted?
No, they are not.

A trailer of my film is already available on the internet. Is the film still eligible?
Yes, it is. A trailer does not present any breach of our regulations.

When must my work be produced to be eligible?
Only works produced in the twelve months before the VIFF are eligible. This means that they must have been completed from September 11, 2022.

What are the admitted film durations?
Full-length films must be no shorter than 60 minutes (credits included).
Short films must be no longer than 20 minutes (credits included).
Films between 21 and 59 minutes are not admitted in any section.
Immersive projects have no duration limits.

Are TV series eligible for the VIFF?
The VIFF may occasionally present a TV series in the non-competitive sections Orizzonti Extra or Out of Competition. It must be a world premiere. The VIFF will be able to present two episodes, unless it is a mini-series. So you should submit at least two episodes using a single full-length form.

Do you select commercials or music videos?
No, there are no sections presenting these film categories.

May I submit my work to other festivals during the VIFF submission process?
Yes, you may. But please let us know if your work has been selected elsewhere, so we can try and give you an early answer.



What is the fee for submission?
The fee is € 150 for full-length films, if the submission is completed by May 31, and € 70 for short films if the submission is completed by April 30. The fee for immersive projects is € 150, if the submission is completed by April 30.

Are there any additional late fees?
If full-length films are submitted after May 31 there is an additional cost: from June 1 the submission fee for feature-length film is € 175. For short films submitted from May 1 the fee is € 80. For immersive projects submitted from May 1 the fee is € 175.

Will you refund submission fee if it turns out that my work is not eligible?
No, you cannot get a refund in case your work is not eligible. Therefore please carefully check the eligibility conditions prior to submitting your work.

Do you accept PayPal payments?
Yes, in addition to credit card payment, it is possible to pay the fee through PayPal. It is not possible to use debit cards, though.

Will I receive an invoice for the submission fee?
Yes, you will be sent an invoice a few days after the payment.



Which screening formats are accepted for selection?
The VIFF accepts screeners of full-length films via file upload, or shipment of Blu-ray, DVD or DCP. Short films can be submitted only via file upload.
If your film is available only in a different format, please convert it into one of the accepted technical formats before you submit it. HDCAM and QT ProRes files are not accepted. The detailed technical specifications for selection screener formats can be found here.
As for immersive projects, we accept 360 videos, linear or interactive XR works, or other immersive formats of any length, including installations, domes and virtual worlds,  compliant with one or more of the following devices/formats: Meta Quest, PC VR, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality. Any other format must be discussed in advance with the Festival direction.
If you have any additional technical questions, please contact selection@labiennale.org (full-length films), orizzonti@labiennale.org (short films), veniceimmersive@labiennale.org (immersive projects).

How can I get instructions to upload my work?
As for films, after paying the submission fee, you will get an email with an invitation to register to Mnemonica platform where you can upload your film file. In case of immersive projects, a link to upload your files to the dedicated online repository on Nextcloud will be sent to you.

Which size must the video file have to be uploaded?
There are no limits for the file size, but the format must be MP4/MOV (check specifications here).
Immersive projects have a maximum of 50GB available on Nextcloud.

How can I be sure that my file has been uploaded correctly?
In case of films, after uploading, you will get a confirmation e-mail from Mnemonica. As for immersive projects, you will be able to check the actual presence of your files in your Nextcloud account. In case of installations, you are required to upload to Nextcloud also the detailed layout of the project. In case of doubts or technical problems, please contact our Programming Office.

How do I know that the submission process  is completed?
The successful upload of your work on the platform means the submission process is completed.

May I send a link to my film (e.g. Vimeo) instead?
No. The VIFF accepts only files uploaded to its own secure streaming platform. But you can take the same data file that is provided on the Vimeo platform and upload it as your selection screener.

My immersive project is an installation or live performance. What should I upload to Nextcloud?
Please upload all information materials that help describe your immersive project in as much detail as possible (e.g. trailer, photos, presentation pdf, etc.). In case of installations, the detailed layout is also required.

May I send my film in more than one format?
No, please just send your film once in one single format.

Do you view trailers?
No, please do not send trailers. The VIFF only accepts and views films in their full version.

Do you accept works in progress for selection?
Yes, of course the work can be viewed also if it has not completed post-production or picture lock. Please be sure the work will be finished for the festival delivery deadline.  If in doubt, please get in touch with the festival’s Programming Office.

May I send an updated version of my selection screener at a later date?
A new version can be sent only after it has been authorised by the Programming Office staff, who will eventually reset your film slot on the platform. We do not advise to send a first version with the idea of replacing it later. The selection team will not view the same work twice.

Do you need a subtitled version for the selection screenings?
Yes, the VIFF needs an English subtitled version for the selection screenings of full-length and short films. Even if the original language is English, it is strongly recommended to have the film subtitled in English or Italian, especially if in presence of strong regional accents or slang vocabulary.
Immersive projects must be in English or in original language with English subtitles.

Can I send subtitles as a separate file?
No, they must be included (burned) in the screener. It is not possible to upload the video file and the subtitles separately.

When do I have to send / upload my work?
The selection screener should be received by the festival within the respective deadlines (June 15, 2023 for full-length films – June 1, 2023 for short films - May 29, 2023 for immersive projects).

Where do I send my film?
Selection screeners not submitted online should be sent to the following addresses (except short films that may only be uploaded).
Before sending a DCP it is recommended to get in touch with print.traffic@labiennale.org   to check on when and where the next screening session will take place.

La Biennale di Venezia - Settore Cinema
Ca’ Giustinian - San Marco 1364/a, 30124 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5218878 - cinema@labiennale.org

From May 29 the address is:
La Biennale di Venezia - Settore Cinema
Palazzo del Cinema, Lungomare Marconi, 30126 Lido di Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5218878

Is it possible to send DCPs by digital file transfer?
No, it is necessary to ship a CRU, SSD or USB stick.
Aspera digital transfer may occasionally be allowed in cases of extreme urgency or technical issues. Please contact the festival’s Programming Office (print.traffic@labiennale.org ) for further instructions.

Does my DCP need to be protected through KDM (encrypted)?
No, it is not mandatory. The VIFF grants the utmost security for your contents, by using its own private screening rooms and by methodically cancelling all viewed DCPs. Anyway, if you want to send encrypted DCPs, please make sure that KDMs reach the VIFF by the date of your DCP delivery.

How can I get server certificates to issue KDMs and to which address must I send them?
You can get server certificates from print.traffic@labiennale.org  and you must send KDMs to the same address.

Which time window should the KDM cover?
Please issue KDMs valid for at least 15 days from the date of the DCP delivery to the VIFF.

Do I get a confirmation on the submission and the arrival of my film?
Yes, you will get a confirmation by email after successful upload or upon shipment delivery.
If you do not receive such confirmation, please get in touch with the Programming Office to verify it has been safely received.

Can I have my screener shipped back to me?
The VIFF will not return DVDs, Blu-Rays and USB sticks. DCPs delivered on CRU and  SSD can be returned if requested by September 30, 2023. The shipping will be at your expenses and must be organized through your courier by contacting print.traffic@labiennale.org .



When will I be notified the selection result regarding my work?
Generally, notifications will be sent out starting from the beginning of July.  You will be informed in both cases, positive or negative outcome.
In case of urgency – e.g. an invitation to another festival - please get in touch with the Programming Office and they will do their best to deliver an earlier decision.

If my work is not selected, may I get a feedback from the selection team?
No, it is not possible. Due to the huge number of submissions, it is impossible for the VIFF to share  the specific explanation for all the exclusions, each of which is the result of a joint and sometimes difficult decision of the selection team.



If my work is selected, do I need to sign an agreement?
Yes, you will receive a link to fill out an entry form (different form the submission form), which will include all detailed information regarding your work and must be signed and sent back to the VIFF by July 21st, 2023.

Are there deadlines to meet after a film has been selected?
Yes, the Programming Office will inform you about all the deadlines and the material required for the participation of your work.

If my film is selected, when do you need the festival version?
The film’s version for presentation at the festival should arrive in Venice no later than August 16, 2023.

Will copyrights for music or footage included in my work be cleared by the VIFF?
No, please make sure to solve all copyrights issues before the work presentation at the VIFF.

Which screening formats are requested for festival presentation of films?
The VIFF accepts only DCPs or 35mm prints (the last only if previously agreed upon with the Direction of the festival). You need to send two copies (show copy and backup copy - they must be identical and in the same format).

What kind of subtitles do you request for the festival version?
For their VIFF presentation foreign language films must be subtitled onscreen in Italian, while Italian language films must be subtitled onscreen in English. The VIFF will also project English offscreen subtitles for all foreign language films (including English spoken films – to the benefit of the non-native English speaking audience (Read the Subtitles Guidelines).
In case of films spoken in more than one language, please contact immediately the Programming Office to discuss the most appropriate subtitling.
Immersive projects must be in English or in original language with English subtitles.

Will the Festival pay for the subtitling costs?
No, the cost of subtitling your work are at your charge.

Does the Festival cover the shipping costs of the film copies to/from Venice?
No, all shipping costs to and from Venice are at your charge.

Will the Festival cover the set-up costs for  installations or live performances of Venice Immersive?
No, the set-up, the running and the disassembling of installations, domes and VR live performances  at the Venice Immersive Island are at your charge. Please check the participation conditions for immersive projects.

What kind of hospitality does the festival offer to invited films?
Generally the Venice Film Festival offers 9 nights to feature films, 6 nights to Out of Competition documentaries and to immersive projects in competition, 4 nights to Venice Classics documentaries and to Best of Immersive projects, and 3 nights to short films, in a partner hotel in Lido or in Venice. Hospitality is primarily offered to the directors and actors. Classic restored films can be offered a maximum of 6 night hospitality.  Any different arrangement must be agreed upon with the Programming Office.

Does the Festival cover travel expenses for the director and/or cast?
No, all travel expenses to Venice are at your charge.

Are there accreditations for the delegation members of an invited work?
Yes, each delegation will get a number of Film Delegation accreditations, as defined by La Biennale. Starting from the beginning of August your appointed contact will receive all relevant information.

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