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Welcome to Paradise

Out of Competition
Leonardo Di Costanzo
Mompracem (Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Carlo Macchitella, Manetti bros.), Rai Cinema (Paolo Del Brocco), Fondazione Fare Cinema (Paola Pedrazzini)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Marta Cammi, Sofiane Bahari, Giorgia Restelli
Alessandra Rosso
Luan Amelio Ujkaj
Carlotta Cristiani
Production Designer:
Noemi Marchica
Costume Designer:
Florence Emir
Peppe Frana
Riccardo Milano


Nadia, a solitary and wary girl, wears a patch over one eye. On the bank of the river, in search of adventures in the company of some stray kittens, she sees a young man ill-treated by boys from the village and shut up in an abandoned shack. Nadia goes away. But then, curious, she goes back and tries to set the “prisoner” free. The wall that separates them opens up for Nadia the possibility of playing at being someone else and experiencing, in this fascination, a sudden desire to grow.

Director's Statement

Adolescence is the age of the possible; it is the age at which everything is in the making. It will be the encounters, the random events of life that shape the future. But it is also possible that, in adolescence, personalities are already partly defined, that characters, ways of being in the world, attitudes toward others can be identified. In a way, the world of adults is already present and visible in the teenage world. Indeed, it is as if the essential traits of the grownup world were more evident in adolescents, as they are less controlled. Precisely because they are not yet fully formed, nuances and contradictions are easier to discern. Perhaps this is what explains my interest in that world: exploring human relationships at a moment in life’s course in which they are less under control and, although less well-defined, more clearly visible.


PRODUCTION 1: Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Carlo Macchitella, Manetti Bros. - Mompracem
Via Monte Santo, 25
00192 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 0695223150

PRODUCTION 2: Paolo Del Brocco – Rai Cinema
Piazza Adriana, 12
00193 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 0633179601

PRODUCTION 3: Paola Pedrazzini – Fondazione Fare Cinema
Contrada dell’Ospedale, 12
29022 – Bobbio, Piacenza, Italia
Tel. +39 3335810876

PRESS OFFICE 1: Chiara Bolognesi – The Rumors
Via Annia Faustina, 14a
00153 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 3398578872

PRESS OFFICE 2: Adriana Vianello, Andrea de Marchi - Studio Systema
Cannaregio, 2593
30121 – Venezia, Italia
Tel. +39 3490081276
Tel. +39 3493744356

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