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Andrej Rublev – Director’s Cut

Venice Classics
Andrej Tarkovskij
Cinema Concern Mosfilm
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Anatolij Solonicyn, Ivan Lapikov, Nikolaj Grin’ko, Nikolaj Sergeev, Irma Rauš-Tarkovskaja, Nikolaj Burljaev, Jurij Nazarov, Rolan Bykov, Jurij Nikulin, Mikhail Kononov, Stepan Krylov, Sos Sarkisjan, Tamara Ogoròdnikova, Bolot Bejšenaliev, Nicolai Grabbe, B. Matysik, Anatolij Obukhov, Vladimir Titov, Nicolaj Glazkov, K. Aleksandrov, Semyon Bardin, Ivan Bykov, G. Borisovskij, Vladimir Vasilev, Zinaida Vorkil’, Aleksandr Titov, Viktor Volkov, Irina Mirošničenko
Andrej Končalovskij, Andrej Tarkovskij
Vadim Jusov
Andrej Tarkovskij with Ljudmila Fejginova, T. Egoryčeva, O. Ševkunenko
Production Designer:
Evgenij Černjaev, Ippolit Novoderezkin, Sergei Voronkov
Costume Designer:
Lidia Novi, Maya Abar-Baranovskaja
Vjačeslav Ovčinnikov
Inna Zelentsova
Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute in collaboration with Coevolutions and Cloudpost
Laboratory:Laser S. Film


Biography of the renowned Russian icon painter: Andrej Rublev (1360-1430).
In the “indivisible holiness of a man who had flown across the sky”, in the people’s suffered truth witnessed by a buffoon, through the temptation of a pagan feast and the confession of a faith experienced as as legalized persecution, in the representation of the passion of Jesus Christ and in the meditation on the Last Judgment, amidst a backdrop of envy, violence, and betrayal perpetrated by religious men, princes, Tartar invaders, and even by Rublev himself through the act of killing an enemy, Andrej Rublev rediscovers his vocation for painting within the story of little Boriska who manages to cast the bell and make it ring. The eight episodes of the film following the vicissitudes of the icon painter monk outline the drama of every artistic vocation, from the naive impetus of youth to the intimate, glorious mercy of maturity.

Director's Statement

I knew it would certainly not be a historical or biographical work. I was interested in something else: I wanted to investigate the nature of the poetic genius of the great Russian painter. I wanted to use the example of Rublev to explore the question of the psychology of artistic creativity, and analyze the mentality and civic awareness of an artist who created spiritual treasures of timeless significance.


PRODUCTION: Istituto Internazionale Andrej Tarkovskij
Via San Niccolò, 91
50125 – Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39 0552345943
Mob. +39 3292826898

LABORATORY: Laser S. Film, Roma

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Coevolutions, Cloudpost

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