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Over the Rainbow

Venice Immersive
Craig Quintero
Riverbed Theatre Company (Su-Ling Yeh)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Yu-Hsin Yu, Ollie Huang, Yu-Shan Tsai, Li-Mei Chung, Mei-Chun Hsiang, Yen-Yi Liang, Wei-Cih Li, Fang-Fang Lin, Yu-Ling Wang, Hsiao-Ching Niu, Craig Quintero (voice over), Yu-Jun Wang (voice over)
Craig Quintero
Ping-Ying Yen, Yi-Sun Chiang
Yu-Jun Wang
Chin-Lun Kao
Art direction:Craig Quintero, William Chou (Funique)
Lead developer:Ming-Yang Yeh (Funique)
Designers:Li-Mei Chung, Wen-Tse Chen, Tien-Hung Wang, Ya-Chi Chen
Artists:Chang-Chih Chen, Zhen-Yu Liao
Technical team:Sammy Lin, Chih-Chen Hsu, Tse-Hung Tseng


It is human nature to long for something different, something that lies “somewhere over the rainbow”. At times, this aspirational dreaming leads to improvements, but more often than not, this attitude leads to a sense of discontent with our own lot, an unquenchable thirst for what is just beyond our reach. Over the Rainbow explores this precarious balance between desire and happiness, fantasy and the familiar.
Forgoing a linear narrative, Over the Rainbow immerses the audience in a surreal landscape. The experience, like life, does not have a singular plot or meaning. Something happens, and then something else happens. Instead of providing a clear-cut moral message, Over the Rainbow encourages the audience to engage the sensations of the moment and embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. There is a hand-made quality to the experience, an organic materiality that speaks to the truthfulness of the encounter. Even though the audience and performers are thousands of miles apart, we are all in this together.

Main Creator’s Statement

In 2011, we started staging a series of ten large-scale, immersive performances for one audience member at a time in hotels, alleys, galleries, and museums across Taiwan, providing intimate moments of communion between the audience and performer. After the premiere of All That Remains in Venice in 2022, Over the Rainbow is our second experiment with translating this live experience into the virtual world. We have structured this project in a manner in which the viewer is engaged in the experience; they are simultaneously seeing and being seen.



PRODUCTION: Suling Yeh - Riverbed Theatre
3F., No. 9, Ln. 5, Linsen N. Rd.
100 – Taipei, Taiwan
Tel. +886 23219790
Mob. +886 928277001
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/riverbedtheatre
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/riverbed_theatre/

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: Riverbed Theatre Company

WORLD SALES: Paul Bouchard – Diversion cinema
1, rue des Rigoles
75020 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 626626300
Twitter : https://twitter.com/diversioncinema
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/diversioncinema
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/diversioncinema

PRESS OFFICE: Suling Yeh – Riverbed Theatre
3F., No. 9, Ln. 5, Linsen N. Rd.
100 – Taipei, Taiwan
Tel. +886 23219790
Mob. +886 928277001

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