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Queer Utopia: Act I Cruising

Venice Immersive
Lui Avallos
Rodrigo Moreira
Running Time:
English, Portuguese
Portugal, Brazil
Main Cast:
Leonardo Vieira (voce), Russell Binns (voce), Felicia Hunter (performer)
Lui Avallos, Rodrigo Moreira
Paulo Muniz
Paulo Muniz
Lead developer:Michael Barngrover
Developer:Baris Pekcagliyan
Designers:Marcela Castelli, Chessery Korn
Artists:Leonardo Galhardo, Vitor Souza


In his living room, a retired playwright unveils a revelation to the spectator, addressing them in a nostalgic and intimate tone as if they were long- lost friends reuniting: He is losing his memories and seeks companionship on a transformative journey to reconstruct and preserve fragments of his cherished remembrances.
Inspired by real-life stories of queer men above the age of 60, this immersive and interactive narrative invites the audience to bear witness to the protagonist’s most intimate and contradictory memories before they fade away.
Through a captivating performative reconstruction of memory, utilizing the language of theater, Queer Utopia: Act I Cruising traverses intricate spaces inhabited by ephemeral bodies formed of particles. It weaves together an intergenerational essay on the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights while delving into the past to reimagine a utopian vision of the future.

Main Creator’s Statement

The LGBTQIA+ generation who pioneered the fight for civil rights, due the AIDS crisis and repressive regimes, has been partially erased. There is a generational gap of interrupted lives and untold stories of love, oppression, and unshared struggles. Through Queer Utopia Act I: Cruising, my intention is to preserve the precious memory of the survivors from this generation and to speculate on all the other stories and lives that have been lost.
In 2023, many LGBTQIA+ rights remain endangered due to the rise of conservative ideologies worldwide, and I believe combating oblivion is a powerful tool for preserving freedom.



PRODUCTION: Rodrigo Moreira, Lui Avallos – Mundivagante Studio
Rui Barbosa, 38 . 2° Andar
1170-332 – Lisboa, Portugal
Tel. +351 925745567

PRESS OFFICE 1: La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale College Cinema
Ca’ Giustinian 1364/a
30124 – Venezia, Italy
Tel. +39 041 2726644

PRESS OFFICE 2: Rodrigo Moreira – Mundivagante Studio
Rui Barbosa, 38 . 2° Andar
1170-332 – Lisboa, Portugal
Tel. +351 925745562

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