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Syuhasuu (Frequency)

Venice Immersive
Ellie Oomiya
CinemaLeap (Katsutoshi Machiba), Toyota Coniq Alpha
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Shuji Onodera, Momoko Fujita, Rina Sakiyama
Ellie Oomiya
Masayuki Yamamoto
Art director:Ellie Oomiya
Lead developers:Katsuya Taniguchi , Kazuki Yuha
Developers:Yo Sasaki, Taisei Yamaguchi
Artists:Ellie Oomiya, Katsuya Taniguchi, Kazuki Yuhara, Nuttanit Thiantanukij, Hideyuki Kido, Palita Jiraphongtrakul
Voice:Kiko Mizuhara


The story begins when you write your interpretation of your frequency in a sketchbook with a yellow marker handed to you by the protagonist, Anne. You are placed inside the world of a painting, as you travel with Anne through her story of becoming a painter and discovering the beauty of our individual uniqueness along the way. The journey overlays Anne’s coming of age story as she discovers her “life purpose” through tackling various struggles at different stages of her life. You will experience through Anne’s life journey that we are constantly surrounded by a diverse variety of frequencies, in addition to the joy of celebrating our differences in place of suppressing them. The immersive environment transforms into a visual representation of you and Anne’s enlightenment when the Theory of Frequency is introduced in the story. Through her paintings, Anne depicts the frequencies around her, which she has just discovered with you. The question is posed: What do you feel when you are immersed in Anne’s paintings? How would you describe your frequency? In the finale, the participant is once again offered to express themselves, their own unique frequency with a yellow marker.

Main Creator's Statement

There is great significance in finding hope amidst uncertainties caused by the pandemic and war. Frequency shows that everyone has a valuable role in this universe. Planck’s theorem that everything vibrates at its unique frequency, expresses the preciousness of our individual existence. Pascal’s “man is a thinking reed”, reinforces the idea of the story. Tuning forks were used to create pure-tone sounds representing unique vibrations of frequency. Pantomime performers’ movements were applied to the paintings, creating a tangible feeling in VR. Users write their names and “their frequency” at the beginning and end. The last drawing turns into a visual celebration of our diverse identities.



PRODUCTION 1: Katsutoshi Machiba - CinemaLeap Inc.
Maruki Building503, 1-13-7 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
141-0031 – Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81 9024827176

PRODUCTION 2: Toyota Coniq Alpha, Inc.
axle Ochanomizu 4th floor, 3-28-5 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku
101-0052 – Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81 9024827176

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