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Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento

Soprano:Sarah Maria Sun
Cimbalom:Enikö Ginzery
Violin:Haruka Nagao
Recorder:Jeremias Schwarzer
Conductor:Timothy Redmond


“From my great-grandmother’s hope chest”. Slovenian folk songs is the translation of the title of Fabio Nieder’s latest work. Eight folk songs, written over forty years ago, have been re-elaborated in a composition which subdivides the orchestra into eight groups, each of which plays its own song, and finally the soprano brings the words and expression of the human voice to the melodies. The three movements of the Concerto per violino (Natura naturans) by Fabio Vacchi (Allegro moderato, Cantabile andantino, Presto brillante) are a tribute to those of Berg: the expression is contained in an extremely unitary structure built between the harmonic and melodic material of the soloist and that of the orchestra. The Recorder Concerto by Dai Fujikura explores the unique resources of the recorder (used here in three sizes), of which the string orchestra is an amplification; all things here originate in the mouth of the soloist, who – the author imagines – plays music in the desert as the simoom blows, raising clouds of sand all around him.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica