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Solo Voice / Zuli

Solo performance:Zuli: voice and electronics, 2021 (60') - world premiere


The sound artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer ZULI, a.k.a. Ahmed El Ghazoly, works on the alternative clubbing scene in Cairo and on the electronic scene with Kairo Ist Koming (KIK). At the international level, he has collaborated with Aphex Twin, Autechre, Ben Ufo, Bradley Zero and Richie Hawtin. In Venice he will perform a set that weaves together the human voice and new technologies, exploring the capacity of this fascinating human instrument to “express musical ideas with different methods such as sampling and tone correction using Autotune, Melodyne and other software”. ZULI intends to explore beyond Post Malone and use auto-tune in a more dynamic way by transposing vocal melodies, or even switching scales. Another facet he explores in his work is context; by attempting to group elements from different settings and turn them into something coherent. Like a chord, for example, consisting of vocals from five different people who are unfamiliar with each other or their voices. Additionally, a further common factor in ZULI’s music is the unlikely pairings of genres: in utilizing the elements around him and consistently adapting and manipulating his musical sound library, ZULI has become a master of the sonic collage.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica