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Alexander Schubert - Sleep Laboratory

Year / Length:2022, 50’, Italian premiere
United Instruments of Lucilin:flute Sophie Deshayes / violin Winnie Cheng / viola Danielle Hennicot / cello Ingrid Schoenlaub / piano Pascal Meyer / percussion Guy Frisch
Set:WE ARE VISUAL: Marc Einsiedel, Felix Jung
VR/360 video:MULTIMEDIA KONTOR HAMBURG (MMKH): Leonhard Onken Menke, Sebastian Olariu
Co-development and artistic collaboration:Tobias Johannes Pfeil
Costumes:Felina Levits
Scientific advisor:Jonathan Harth
Stage director:Alexander Schubert
Co-production:La Biennale di Venezia, ACHT BRÜCKEN-Musik für Köln, Philharmonique Luxemburg (rainy days festival), United Instruments of Lucilin
Note:Admission is also allowed, subject to availability, to holders of a valid entry ticket for the 59. International Art Exhibition.
Access:Immersive and partecipative performance for ensemble and virtual reality. Suitable for an adult audience.


In sleep we find a different space, liable to be altered: subconscious, morphing with poetic truths and desires. In sleep our imaginations and connections are unlimited. In sleep we find death, we experiment – counterbalancing our controlled life. In sleep we dissociate from our solid self.

Virtuality is our sleep model. Our technique of alteration and reframing. Sleep can be considered as a counter-action to the hard-modeled reality – an escape to avoid over-fitting and compressed world views: all we want is to escape and to transcend.

The Sleep Laboratory offers a guided virtual experiment, in which the participants are invited to a setting which allows the readjustment of self perception and external observation. Joining an intimate scenario, during which you may look at yourself and your partner as a virtual container. Hollow and empty – but beautiful and lovable. Letting go to engage with sincerity.

From you, into fluidity,
Into fragility:
Death bedding,
Night kissing.
And total dispersion.
Hollowed out.
Formalize. Parametrize.
Empty biological Vessel left below.
A Room like a Terrarium.
Look into the Eyes.
Complete Surrender.
A beautiful Fade-Out-Function.

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