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Thierry Coduys - Le cas de l'hippocampe

Concept, composition, sound programming:Thierry Coduys
VR design concept:Agnès de Caeux
Development of 3D:Patricio Di Bacco
Server Implementation:Estelle Senay, Martin Saëz
Audio Engine development:Vel.Cro
Running Time:12’
Visual Effects:Unreal Engine
Audio:Max/MSP + Spat
Production:La Biennale di Venezia – CIMM, Centro di Informatica Musicale Multimediale, Dark Euphoria


Le cas de l’hippocampe, a triptych for virtual reality by French composer and programmer Thierry Coduys, is a virtual listening theatre project in which the audience can explore sounds, interact with the various parameters of the sounds themselves, and, thanks to its use of immersive binaural synthesis technology, experience 360-degree surround sound. The sound world presented to the audience reproduces and enhances the natural capacity to listen to, internalise, analyse and synthesise the sounds that are re- ceived. By accompanying the audience in a journey inside sound, the project develops the potential of natural listening, creating new and unusual sound illusions as a result of its immersive acoustic space. The synthesis of the sound, the codification for its spatialisation, the development of physical models and the creation of metamorphic soundscapes will take place in the studios of the CIMM of La Biennale di Venezia. The CIMM team will be augmented by a number of consultants, including Estelle Senay, network engineer and project manager for dematerialised automatic transmissions, Agnès de Cayeux, artist and lecturer in new media, researcher for the Centre Pompidou, and Jeanne Rocher, visual artist in virtual worlds.

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