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Yvette Janine Jackson - Left Behind

Year / Length:2022, 60’, World premiere
Radio Opera Workshop Ensemble:Voice, Malesha Jessie Taylor / Bassoon, Joy Guidry / Viola, Amy Cimini/ Cello, Judith Hamann / Double bass, Tommy Babin
Electronics:Yvette Janine Jackson
In collaboration with:Comune di Venezia / Cultura Venezia / Teatro del Parco


Radio Opera Workshop is an ensemble established in 2020 in order to perform the radio operas of Yvette Janine Jackson. Jackson’s radio operas are narrative compositions told through electroacoustic soundscapes, sound effects, instrumental music, and text. The stories address historical events and contemporary issues in an abstract manner that invites the listener to participate in the interpretation of the narrative. The texts are derived from archival materials, including news media, historical documents, corporate websites, and internet trolls.

Left Behind is the first in a series of radio operas themed around the environmental and socioeconomic impact of space tourism on local communities near launch sites.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica