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Anthea Caddy / Marcin Pietruszewski - Love Numbers

Year:2023, world premiere
Composition, parabolic speakers design, development:Anthea Caddy
Composition, sound synthesis, physical modelling, program design:Marcin Pietruszewski
Design and development of parabolic speakers:Miodrag Gladović
Commission:Sonic Acts Biennial 2024 – La Biennale di Venezia
Production:Sonic Acts Biennial 2024 – La Biennale di Venezia
In collaboration with:Fondazione Forte Marghera


Love Numbers is a sound installation that explores the cosmological forces of the Sun and Moon, that form bodies of multiple, dynamic and opposing thermal and gravitational pulls in the Earth’s atmosphere and its surface. Love Numbers represents parameters introduced in 1909 by English mathematician Augustus Love that identify the overall elastic response of the Earth to the tides.
In the work, Anthea Caddy and Marcin Pietruszewski create a physiological and psychoacoustic experience that evokes the expansive bodies of water and the atmosphere as immense spatial and temporal territories. The dynamic between human-made and natural environment, and its simulation, plays indeed a central role. The work invites the listeners to bring the model, the space and the auditory emissions into a mutually productive, co-creative relationship.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica