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Biennale College Musica / Fabio Machiavelli - Machines Inside Me

Year/Length:2023, 35', world premiere
Composition, programming, instrument design and making:Fabio Machiavelli
Instrument making:Alessandro Machiavelli
Performers:Alberto Anhaus, Núria Carbó
Production:La Biennale di Venezia - CIMM, Centro di Informatica Musicale Multimediale


The space of Machines Inside Me is split into two areas: an entrance hall, where a limited exhibition is set up, and the main area, in which the audience faces three self-built instruments set in a circle. 
The sound experience is divided into two moments: at first instruments activate independently, creating a sort of “sound magma”, which serves as a prelude to the actual performance that begins when performers stand from the audience and start to play. The final part of the piece, after a climax, is a sort of “negative” of the previous “magma sound”: space is left to the human action alone, which concludes the performance.

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