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Biennale College Musica / Leonie Strecker - Terminal / Alexis Weaver - Soft Matter

TERMINAL:2023, 20’, world premiere
Composition, performance, programming:Leonie Strecker
Composition, programming, diffusion:Alexis Weaver
Production:La Biennale di Venezia - CIMM, Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale


Terminal is a concert performance that deals with questions of control, power and self-determination. The performer uses her voice to navigate the sound environment of the composition, consisting of several layers of synthetic and recorded sound that is being diffused on a multichannel system. Her own voice cannot be heard by the audience. Yet, this absence does not indicate a loss of control, but explores a way of power that lies in subtility and a feeling of connection to the surrounding. The piece is performed by the composer herself.

Soft Matter / Hypersensitive Instruments is an immersive electro-acoustic work that draws inspiration from the nanoscale imaging technique of atomic force microscopy. Both informing Weaver’s composition and featuring as a live, recited element of the work will be original poetry by Dr Geosmin Turpin. This work will ultimately serve as an experiment into how science can inform art, as well as celebrating the smallest building blocks of our existence as art in their own right. 


Programme notes

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