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Babilonia Teatri - Natura morta

World premiere:2020, 60’
By:Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi
Production:Babilonia Teatri and La Piccionaia – Centro di produzione teatrale
Coproduction:Operaestate Festival Veneto


Censorship is a difficult theme. We feel like we are always moving along a ridge where the risk of slipping into the known, the rhetorical, self-pity or of climbing onto the justice soapbox, without having the credentials for it, is ever present. We feel that taking on a theme of this sort and doing so competently and in a self-aware way requires getting experts involved, people who have studied the theme in depth and dissected its various possible forms.

Babilonia Teatri

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Biennale Teatro
Biennale Teatro