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Fabiana Iacozzilli - Una cosa enorme

World premiere:2020, 90’
By:Fabiana Iacozzilli
With:Marta Meneghetti, Roberto Montosi
Scenery:Fiammetta Mandich
Making of body suit: Makinarium (special – visual – effects)
Lighting:Luigi Biondi, Francesca Zerilli
Sound:Hubert Westkemper
Sound engineer: Jacopo Ruben Dell’Abate
Artistic assistance: Lorenzo Letizia, Luca Lotano, Ramona Nardò
First assistant director: Francesco Meloni
Second assistant director: Cesare Santiago Del Beato
Assistant dramaturg: Carola Fasana
Stills:Manuela Giusto
Special thanks to: Giorgio Testa
Production:Cranpi, La Fabbrica dell’Attore-Teatro Vascello Centro di Produzione Teatrale, Fondazione Sipario Toscana-Centro di Produzione teatrale, Carrozzerie | n.o.t
With the contribution by:Regione Lazio - Direzione Regionale Cultura e Politiche Giovanili – Area Spettacolo dal Vivo
With the support of:Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Periferie Artistiche Centro di Residenza Multidisciplinare della Regione Lazio, ATCL Circuito multidisciplinare della Regione Lazio per Spazio Rossellini
With the additional support of:Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, Labirion Officine Trasversali
Note:Nudity on stage


When I embark on a new project I think of Paul Haggis when he said “I know I’ve got a story when there’s a question which I can’t easily answer”. The questions inspiring me and around which I’m questioning myself are: “Why am I so frightened of bringing a child into the world?”, “why am I so frightened of saying that I don’t want to bring a child into the world?” and “why do I have to be ashamed today to be a woman without children, to lower my eyes if I’m not a parent?”.
So at a by now advanced age, while the questions I ask myself are these, I notice that my eighty-two year old mother, close to death and now in an advanced state of dementia, has significant urinary incontinence and while I ask myself when and how I will manage to put a nappy on her I understand that I have, in any case, a parental role to perform. That sad human impulse which makes us parents to our parents.

Fabiana Iacozzilli

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