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Mariangela Gualtieri - Voce che apre (Rito sonoro)

World premiere:2020, 50’
A sound ritual written and performed by:Mariangela Gualtieri
Directed by:Cesare Ronconi
Stage set and lighting design:Cesare Ronconi
Sound consultant:Attila Faravelli
Lighting technician:Stefano Cortesi
Sound:Andrea Zanella
Costume design:Cristiana Curreli / ReedoLab
Production manager:Lorella Barlaam
Produced by:Teatro Valdoca
With support from:Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Cesena
Photo:Melina Mulas


I’d like to get myself an open door, an unadorned door on which a motto has been inscribed which gets visitors on the alert, a sort of caution as they go: fear, exhilaration and trembling.

Here we are then, let’s go in: it is a place of silence and a place of listening. Here the human voice entwines its evolved sounds with the world’s archaic silence.
Of the cosmos. Here – I’m not sure why – the dead are also present.
Here the actors and actresses come to life, have done for centuries, consumed in the act of giving themselves – this is why they have been getting ready for so long.

Mariangela Gualtieri

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