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Jacopo Gassmann - Niente di me (uno studio)

World premiere:2020, 90’
By: Arne Lygre
Translation and directing:Jacopo Gassmann
With:Sara Bertelà, Michele Di Mauro, Giuseppe Sartori
Lighting: Gianni Staropoli
Production:TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa, Centro Teatrale Bresciano, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria
Note:rights to the work Nothing of me by Arne Lygre were granted by Zachar International, Milan
Note:as previously noted, due to the general rescaling of theatrical activities, the performance will be presented in study form


An empty space. A woman and a man younger than her. Arne Lygre’s text opens with a stark scene. They are there, these two, alone, both aloof from a past they delude themselves into thinking they can negate. A limbo suspended between what has happened and what will happen. What might be. Everything that the man and woman name takes shape sooner or later: a table, a sofa, a room with a view, a simple desire to go to the seaside. It is not easy to distinguish between what is really happening and what is just storytelling. Like in a dream, words leave traces on the stage before disappearing. But soon this loving idyll is destroyed. And the past reappears, obliging them to face up to their wounds.

Jacopo Gassmann

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