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Liv Ferracchiati - La tragedia è finita, Platonov

World premiere:2020
By:Liv Ferracchiati
With scenes from:Platonov by Anton Čechov
With (in alphabetical order):Francesca Fatichenti, Liv Ferracchiati, Riccardo Goretti, Alice Spisa, Petra Valentini, Matilde Vigna
Assistant director:Anna Zanetti
Dramaturg:Greta Cappelletti
Costumes:Francesca Pieroni
Paper costumes and costume assistant:Lucia Menegazzo
Lighting:Emiliano Austeri
Sound:Giacomo Agnifili
Reading assistant: Emilia Soldati
Linguistic consultant:Tatiana Olear
Set photography:Luca Del Pia
Production:Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria


Platonov as a text, written by a seventeen, perhaps eighteen year old, was a revelation for me. Reading Platonov was not reading a play, extending a literary culture jigsaw piece, for me it was an experience, those which change you.
Over the years I have continued to think about the character, his fragility, his appeal, his gaping void and the figures who revolve around him, figures which entered my imaginary world in some way.
Perhaps I’ll lose a few friends by confessing this and earn the attention of honest professionals in the medical field but my encounter with Platonov’s humanity, which was so understandable to me, was an encounter with authentic organic matter, capable of reacting to the ideal dialogue I had embarked on.
So, a reading, a study, in some way affected a life, mine.

Liv Ferracchiati

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