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Fabio Condemi - La filosofia nel boudoir

World premiere:2020
By:Donatien-Alphonse-François de Sade
Traslation and adaptation:Fabio Condemi
Directing and drama:Fabio Condemi
Image drama, visual device and costumes:Fabio Cherstich
Sound designer:Igor Renzetti
Light designer:Camilla Piccioni
Costume assistant:Marta Montevecchi
Vocal compositions:Elena Rivoltini
With:Carolina Ellero, Marco Fasciana, Candida Nieri, Gabriele Portoghese, Elena Rivoltini
Direction assistant:Marco Fasciana
Production:Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale and Teatro Piemonte Europa
Note:Not suitable for young audience. Nudity on stage


I envisaged a situation in which internal spectators watch a staging of de Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir. In a room people sitting at a table observe and take part in staging the text which takes place in a small theatre within the room. We don’t know who the people watching the show will be and what relations they will engage in with the actors but we imagine them commenting on the various philosophical dialogues and sometimes taking part in them, reciting or reading parts of the text or coming on stage directly.

Fabio Condemi

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