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Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi - Eve #2

World premiere:2020, 60’
By and with:Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi
Stage setting:Adriana Renna
Original music:Maurizio Pini
Stage technician:Giorgio Tedesco
Project assistants:Sara Gambini Rossano, Cecilia Bertozzi
Creation support:Clara Federica Crescini
Production assistant:Sofia Fantuzzi
Production:Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi
Coproduction:Teatro delle Moire / Danae Festival, Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale
With the support of:Sardegna Teatro, Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, Short Theatre, Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt), ARTEFICI.ResidenzeCreativeFvg by ArtistiAssociati


EVE #2 puts forward the figure of the researcher performer, an enquiry into the communicative violence method, who has spent time archiving, transcribing, analysing and reworking populist political speech and that of its followers.
On the crumbling terrain of contemporary communication, violence is embedded – in videos, social network posts, TV speech – and archiving and reworking it in performance work can come across as an act of resistance where it is primarily memory which stands up to censorship obscurity.
The path to a more in-depth understanding is enquiring into the emotional heart of the issue: what is the feeling of hate on which populist leaders build their political capital? What do we need to restore to our visual field in order not to abet this communicative violence? Can the freedom of expression space obscured by hate be recovered?

Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi

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