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Giuliana Musso - Dentro (una storia vera, se volete)

World premiere:2020, 90’
Drama and directing:Giuliana Musso
With:Elsa Bossi and Giuliana Musso
Music:Giovanna Pezzetta
Musical advice and arrangements:Leo Virgili
Scenery:Francesco Fassone
Technical assistance and direction:Claudio Parrino
Production:La Corte Ospitale
Coproduction:Operaestate Festival Veneto


DENTRO – INSIDE – is the staging of a meeting of mine with a woman and her secret story. The story of a truth shut up in the body struggling to get out into the open.

An experience which is difficult to listen to. A mother finding out the worst truths. A daughter who hates her mother. A father who is innocent until proven guilty. A gallery of therapists, consultants, educators, doctors, social workers and lawyers who don’t want to hear the truth.

Giuliana Musso

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