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Leonardo Manzan - Glory Wall

World premiere:2020, 90’
By:Leonardo Manzan, Rocco Placidi, Paola Giannini
Directing:Leonardo Manzan
Scenery:Giuseppe Stellato
Production:Centro di Produzione Teatrale La Fabbrica dell’Attore – Teatro Vascello / Elledieffe
Note:Not suitable for young audience. Nudity on stage


We have a theme. Censorship. What do you think? That it’s a splendid form of censorship. Don’t be controversial. We’re free. We can do what we like. The problem arises if we try to do what we can.
Where will it all end, madam! If censorship could speak, that is what it would say. What experience do you have of censorship? None. Think about it. I’ve thought about it. And? Nothing. But production logic distribution ministerial funding tenders brands Artistic Directors the theatreable the Under 35s subscribers the big critics. Nothing. We do theatre! Again nothing. De Sade Chekhov PPP? They’re all dead. George Bush? Don’t joke.
(Long significant pause)

Leonardo Manzan

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