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Industria Indipendente - Klub Taiga (Dear Darkness)

World premiere:2020
By:Industria Indipendente
With:Annamaria Ajmone, Erika Z.Galli, Martina Ruggeri, Steve Pepe, Federica Santoro, Yva&The Toy George and Luca Brinchi
In collaboration with:Dario Carratta, Floating Beauty, Timo Performativo, TEIN clothing
Production:Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale
With the support of:Angelo Mai (Rome) and Santarcangelo Festival
Note:Strobe lights are used during this performance


We chose the KLUB space as a place born and destined for counter-culture, a union between peers, as a place of monsters (monstrum, prodigy) and ghosts (phainomai, appearing). Generally a Klub is dark with ciphered messages being used, its own rules, with there sometimes not being rules. Bodies can express themselves in other ways, behaviours waver, thoughts wander, we change skin.
KLUB TAIGA is a developing device, a hidden, dark place within which a multiple thinking and acting organism lives and grows, a single body made of multiple bodies.

Industria Indipendente

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