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Tolja Djokovic - En abyme

Text:Tolja Djokovic
Direction:Fabiana Iacozzilli
Voices:Simone Barraco, Oscar De Summa, Francesca Farcomeni, Evelina Rosselli
Sound designer:Tommy Grieco | Putéca Celidònia
Assistant Director:Cesare Del Beato
Production:La Biennale di Venezia
In collaboration with:Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa
Winner:Biennale College Teatro Authors Under 40 (2021-2022)
Note:Mise en lecture


Oceanographic explorations in the Mariana Trench culminated in the colossal diving record achieved by director James Cameron. Cameron went down into the Challenger Deep with a video camera in a sophisticated submarine, and for the first time he brought back to the surface images of an unexplored abyss and the creatures that inhabit it. The story of the 20th-century expedition to the Mariana Trench, and Cameron’s revolutionary descent in 2012, gave rise to a process that brought together a variety
of materials around the theme of diving into bottomless depths; of the abyss as a constant, subtle presence. The attempt is then to identify mystery in the reverberations and resonances triggered by these materials. The play provides a dramaturgical device that aims to “deposit” materials on the page, which can then be manipulated as much as possible. In a production, they might be spoken, projected, acted out, listened to, reduced to a symbol (and so on).

EN ABYME is an uninterrupted song in which images, actions, sounds and words interact, building new meanings.

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