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Structures of Mutual Support

Commissioner: National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Arsenio “Nick” Lizaso, Chairman
Curators/Exhibitors: Framework Collaborative (GK Enchanted Farm Community and architects Sudarshan V. Khadka Jr. and Alexander Eriksson Furunes)

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Biennale Sneak Peek

Image 1 – How will we live together?
19.11.08 - SToMS - Design Phase_Work in progress. The design was developed from the architectural concept of the grid, and the local concept of Maaliwalas. The grid was used to work in different scales, to budget the size of each program, to draw the space needed for the different activities and to locate them on a site-plan. The concept of Maaliwalas, which roughly translates to a space that is comfortable, bright and ventilated, guided the qualitative design decisions of the space, its orientation and openness.
Photo: Alexander Eriksson Furunes


Image 2 – Sneak peek of the project
20.02.15 - SToMS - Deconstruction_Mutual Support​. The library was planned, designed and built through a process of Bayanihan, the Filipino concept of Mutual support. As a tradition that predates the market economy, social and environmental sustainability determines the way decisions are made, resources utilized, the process of construction, maintenance and operation. As such, it offers a different set of values that can give shape to our built environment.
Photo: Antonette A. Aguilar

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura